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Disclaimer: I got this procedure done for free at the Dental Parlour, with no promise of a review. I’m writing this post to share my experience because 1. I want to keep it real, and 2. In case you’re thinking of getting this procedure, I want you to know what you’re in for. If you’d like to go to the Dental Parlour, know you’ll be in good hands!

Disclaimer 2. The above pic was photoshopped by me, and is originally from this makeup tutorial post.

Dental Parlour

I had the best experience getting my teeth whitened at the Dental Parlour in Midtown Manhattan! As you can imagine, I can be very critical of myself and the way I look because I get my picture taken for a living. Just like I told you about my Botox experience, now I’m telling you I was feeling kinda meh about the color of my teeth.

Is normal for teeth to become yellow as you grow older. Dark foods and drinks, genetics, tobacco, poor dental hygiene, are among some of the causes. I had tried some over-the-counter treatments in college, but I found the difference it made to not be worth the price tag.

And then I was invited to try a dental whitening procedure at what is hands down, the coolest, best decorated dental office in all of New York City: the Dental Parlour. Dr. Sivan Finkel invited us one morning to try the procedure, on the house. I was lucky enough to go through this process with my blogger BFF and partner in crime, Carla of Haute Cocktail. It made sense for us to get our teeth whitened together, since we have probably done quite extensive damage to them with all those nights spent drinking red wine and talking about everything and anything.

aminta.004(1)Photo courtesy of Dr. Sivan Finkel

What to expect when getting your teeth whitened

Expect to be in the office for about an hour and a half. The whole thing starts off with Dr. Sivan and Dental Hygienist, Anna, peeking inside your mouth to determine the shade your teeth have right now. They have a chart with different shades; from the very yellow, to the very white. My shade was A2. A shades are yellow shades (as opposed to grey), making the whitening procedure much easier, since is easier to whiten yellow teeth.

After the teeth evaluation they put you into some sort of contraption to keep you from closing your mouth. As someone who wore braces for quite a bit of time, I thought this was no biggies. You look CRAZY though, so I couldn’t help but send some funny selfies and snaps to my friends. Then Anna, ever so careful, covers your gums so they’re not bleached. She did a very thorough job, and I got zero bleach on my gums. If your technician is not as skilled, getting bleached gums is not that big a deal, since the gel they use is 38% hydrogen peroxide, which kills bacteria, and your gums will be back to normal in a few minutes- only a little tender.

The gel is applied in four 15-minute sessions, to avoid discomfort. I was totally fine for the first three sessions, but on the fourth one my teeth felt sensitive. I thought I would be bored, just sitting there, with gel on my mouth, but at the Dental Parlour you get your own personal screen, with Netflix! So I watched some How I Met Your Mother episodes, though at some point I remember dozing off.

My final shade was 1M1, which I’m very happy with!

What to expect after your teeth whitening

Right after the procedure, and for the rest of the day, my teeth were extremely sensitive. I was given a sensitive tooth paste to help with the discomfort. The first 24 hours after you get your teeth whitened at the dentist are crucial. You cannot eat or drink anything dark to avoid stains. Ideally, you should stick to clear foods and liquids for up to three days.

Aminta Dental Parlour2Anna demonstrates how to apply the gel on the trays

At home procedures

I got an at-home whitening kit form the Dental Parlour for me to maintain my pearly whites at home. Anna and Dr. Sivan took a mold of my teeth and made me personalized plastic tray, which fit me perfectly. Then they gave me whitening gels made of 35% hydrogen peroxide for me to apply on the trays, and pop in my mouth for 30-60 minutes whenever I need a little oomph. I’ve been using them before photoshoots.

The cost

In-office whitening will run you $750, while the at-home professional treatment costs $450. Each refill is about $50.

Tips for healthy, white teeth

Of course, any dentist will tell you you have to brush your teeth! Dr. Sivan was no different, who said you have to brush, floss, and use mouthwash. Brushing gets rid of food in biting surfaces. Flossing hits in between the teeth, where brushes can’t reach. And mouth wash gets everywhere.

All the good things in life kill you, make you fat, get your pregnant, or stain your teeth. Seriously, every single thing that tastes amazing stains your teeth: pizza, red wine, caramel frapuccinos…so I simply don’t want to live a life where I can’t indulge in those things in order to have white teeth. That’s why Dr. Sivan says to live your life, but “always have a weapon to fight against [yellow teeth]. ”

Whitening is not as expensive anymore, Dr. Sivan thinks there’s no reason why everybody shouldn’t have an at-home system, whether over-the-counter or professional. The main difference between the two are concentration of hydrogen peroxide, and the personalized trays. Talk to your dentist and work out a strategy that works for you and your lifestyle.

Teeth WhiteningSelfie with Dr. Sivan!

Special thanks for Christina of Victory PR, and to Dr. Sivan and Dr. Myron Finkel, to Anna, Allyson, and the rest of the Dental Parlour team! Gracias to my amiguita Carla for snapping some pics!

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