What wearing heels does to your body

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High HeelsPhotos by Beto Ramos


Wearing high heels is not natural. You’re putting all the weight in the front of your foot, instead of evenly spreading it out, like you would if you were wearing flats. In the long term, wearing really uncomfortable shoes for a really long period of time can cause various illnesses, the mild ones being bunions, blisters, o hammertoes. Some of the worst ones, however, can include torn ligaments, pinched nerves, and painful deformities that will require surgeries.

I know that heels (just like carbs), are bad for me, but they make me feel so good! Am I a masochist? Definitely! But I just love them so much! Many different sources that that there are, however, say there are aesthetic advantages to wearing heels. I wanted to put this to the test by setting up a tripod, and quickly snapping away different angles of my body to see if the hypothesis was true. Below are the results. Leave me a comment and let me know if you agree with my findings!

high heels1. Heels make you taller. Well, duh. This is a very obvious pro of wearing heels. I’m 5’4″ (1.64 cm), and in these 5′ (12.5 cm.) heels from Charlotte Russe, I’m a glorious 5’9 (1.76 cm). Aminta Heels2.jpg 2. Heels make your legs look longer. Heels are supposed to visually elongate your legs, making them look like they go on for days. I think this is pretty accurate, because like we said before, heels make you look taller, by adding a few extra inches in tour leg. Maybe that’s why some girls  have really big hair? For the best effect, wear a skirt with skin-colored heels, like these ones here.  Aminta Heels3.jpg Aminta Heels5.jpg 3. Heels make your legs look more toned, by making the muscles tighten. It was hard to tell if this was true in jeans, so I changed into this little dress and we gave it another try. Do you think my legs look more toned? I think they look slimmer, from the calf all the way up the thigh, but that might just be that this is a more flattering angle then when I was 6 inches shorter. Also, wow! this dress is SHORT! I hadn’t noticed it until I saw this picture. Wow! Good thing I saw it, or I would have been wearing it into spring without tights. Lord, have mercy! high heels 4. Heels give you a better posture. Walking in heels is not easy. One requires good balance and a confident step. The only way you can achieve this is by standing up straight. Remember that all the weight of your body is in the front of your foot, so pushing the shoulders back will help stay upright. A  tip tp help you stay balanced on heels is to suck in your belly, and engage those abs!


My conclusion. I do believe that heels do make you look better than flats do. A heeled foot is more elegant than a flat foot, don’t you think? They’re not the most comfortable choice, but sometimes, they’re the right choice.

Shirt and the open-toed shoes: courtesy of Charlotte Russe.

Jeans (last seen here): asos


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