What to wear to look skinny

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Aminta Neon11

What to wear to look skinny. There is a way to look instantly slimmer, a way which requires zero dieting, exercising or a scalpel. Did you know that the right clothes can make you look pounds thinner? Here’s my quick advice to hide those problem areas and the extra pounds we are bound to gain during the holiday season. If you want to look good while getting your picture taken, be sure to check out this post!

– Big or flabby arms. This is easy to hide; wear longer sleeves.

– Big bust. This may seem counter-intuitive, but DON’T cover up your girls! Forget about turtlenecks and opt for a cute, not-too-deep neckline, like a V-neck.

– Big butt and thighs. Toss those light-colored bottoms. Stick to dark bottoms and get yourself some dark-wash jeans, woman!

– Big midriff. Again, counter-intuitively, stay away from loose fitting tops or dresses; they will only make you look bigger. Instead, try to emphasize your waist because no matter how big you are around the middle, your waist is usually the smallest part of your body. A thick belt around the waist can also help hide those extra pounds and it gives you an hourglass figure.

– Extra tip. Wearing heels elongates your legs, making you look thinner.

– Extra extra tip. Invest in some Spanx.

– If everything else fails. Wear black, is très chic!

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