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What to wear on a dateJeans and heels (here) are a big hit with the gents. Leopard print? Not so much!


I have been waiting so long for Spring, you have no idea (actually, you kinda do, ’cause I complained about it yesterday). I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s excited about the weather. You know who else loves warm temperatures? Men! They’ve been seeing us covered up all winter, and suddenly, one day, boom! There they are- bare limbs! Mini skirts, denim shorts, strapless tops…you name it, if there’s skin showing they’re gonna drool.

You know that when you’re out with a guy the most important thing is to be yourself. I know, you’ve heard this a million times, but it’s true! Never be the woman you think he wants you to be. Be yourself until you find someone who loves you exactly as you are! In the mean time, date! I find it that when I go out on dates I feel better about myself when I’m wearing something that makes me feel good. Always play up your attributes but keep in mind that those first few dates are like a  job interview- how you look is important. This man doesn’t know you yet, so he’ll probably make assumptions about you based on what you’re wearing.

Dressing up for a date is always hard. That’s why I took it upon myself to ask some bachelors and coupled-up dudes to tell me what they think a girl should wear on a date. I heard some very interesting thoughts! I hope you find these helpful next time you’re on a date. YOU GO GIRL!


Aminta Glitter Dress Streetstyle-3Don’t wear this on a first date, but see the whole look here

Guillermo (NYC, hailing from Venezuela). I’m a fairly down to earth guy. I generally prefer the girl to go with something casual and not overtly formal/thought out. Jeans and a nice top is fine. Just don’t bring out the cocktail dress on the first date!

Sinan (Zürich, Switzerland. You’ve read his fashion commentary here before). In my opinion, if a guy likes you he won’t care that much. Clothes might be a part of the whole impression. As long as you don’t look like a homeless girl you’ll be fine. I think the way you talk and socialize are far more important than clothes.

Alberto (San Francisco, hailing from Venezuela). If it’s a dinner she should be well put together. I prefer her to be put together (makeup, hair) than have her wear something specific. And if we’re going clubbing she shouldn’t wear something slutty, but sexy. A little dress, hehe. Heels, without a doubt, even if she’d look taller than me.”

Michel. Yes, this is a man’s name (Zürich). Best thing a girl can wear is anything she feels comfortable in. In the end it doesn’t matter because if the date is good she ends up naked. (This comment is so Michel).

Samuel (Zürich). I personally think if she’s wearing too much makeup and put too much effort into her styling she looks like sex on the first date. A beautiful girl will always be beautiful no matter what she wears.

Roberto (Gainesville, Fla., hailing from Colombia). I hate cardigans.

Scott (The Woodlands, Tex). Jeans and heels.

Edgar (Vancouver, hailing from Venezuela). Not a fan of sandals. Jeans and heels are good. Look classy but not super elegant where is obvious you’re outdressing the guy.

Simon (Tampa, Fla., hailing from Venezuela. You’ve read his fashion commentary here before). Heels and cleavage!

Chris (San Jose, Calif.). Whatever she wants to wear as long as she fits the occasion. I usually meet for coffee on first dates, so I guess something casual. Flats are cute.

Aminta Chinatown10Chris might like this casual look! Check it out here


Diego (NYC). No matter what it is, it should very clearly and very discreetly look like she put some effort into looking good.

Thierry (Paris). That which makes her feel beautiful and confident in herself, which highlights her best features. But overall she must be genuine.

Mike (NYC). The basic answer is it depends on where you’re going, and it’s totally fair to ask what kind of place you’re going to. Over dressing is a better mistake than under dressing. The outfit should be like a hint to a difficult puzzle – it gives you an idea of what’s underneath, but not the answer.

Hector (Veracruz, México). She should look very beautiful! Jeans and a little cleavage, she should show some skin. If it’s the first date she should look innocent.

A. (DC, he’s too shy to give his whole name). Don’t wear heels if you are going to complain. Doesn’t make a huge difference to me.

Scotty (Seattle). Anything that she’s comfortable in. The impression she will have on us won’t be from the clothes. It will be from the natural beauty that she possesses (personality, sense of humor), and the only way to get a true reading of that is by her being totally comfortable.

Bijan (New Jersey. Check out his page!). Fashion never stops. There are always new, trendy items that become popular that many girls cannot wait to wear on a date. But on a first date what do guys want to see a girl wear?  Does it really matter what she wears? Simply put, YES. The way a girl dresses on the first date is tremendously important as it will give the guy a sense of who you are. What you wear is only an extension of your personality and communicates way more than you think. Personally, I like a girl that has a more classic, not trendy, sense of style. Being from New Jersey, I see some girls that like to “glam it up” with lots of large accessories and animal print. F#*@ that!  If you wear gaudy items, you attract gaudy men. I think, especially on a first date, keeping it simple and wearing accessories that spark conversation is a must. For example, the necklace you picked up on your trip to London last summer or the bracelet your cousin from Italy made for you. This will help if conversation starts to taper off.


– The most important thing about a date is how you interact with the guy.

– Latin guys like sexier styles. No surprise there.

– I feel like most men just don’t get animal prints. Save the leopard pants for a day out with the girls.

– Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed. Spend time in your appearance.

– Be comfortable. I know going shopping before a date feels great, but wear something you’ve worn before so you don’t have to be pulling and tugging at your clothes all night.

– Michel is a perv (and I love him just as he is).

– If you need any help when dressing for a date just snap a picture and send it to me! I’ll give you some notes, that’s what friends are for! aminta@clothesanfashion.net


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  3. Nathy

    May 3, 2013 at 12:49 PM

    Lmao I always enjoy these posts. Roberto from Colombia sure kept it simple! And Michel is so funny. Tells it like it is.

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