What Men Think of Your Clothes.

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Men are weird creatures—some of them only have two pairs of shoes while some of them get weekly pedis. Some only go shopping when their mom/girlfriend makes them and some only buy designer brands. Some wear expensive cologne and some don’t even wear deodorant! Yes, they are weird creatures indeed. To figure out what goes on in the mind of men when it comes to fashion I’ve enlisted the help of some male friends. I sent them some pictures and they responded with their honest opinion about these outfits!

P.S. I spray-painted in Paint blurred the women’s faces so guys would focus only on the clothes; you know how easily distracted they are.

Let’s give it up for the Caballero #1!



Name: Chris Futrell. Fun fact, Chris is an MTV celebrity! Read his interview on Lady Gaga’s 2010 VMAs here.
Age: 24
Occupation: TV
City of Residency: Tampa, FL (for now)
Relationship Status: Engaged.
The worst thing a woman could wear is: Capris! They makes you look stubby!


Alexander McQueen, F/W 2011-2012


Very cute dress! Just make sure you’re not wearing it after Labor Day (where did that rule come from?)! I love the detail, especially at the bottom. I feel this would be a cute dress to a formal daytime event in the summer or spring (NOT a wedding). However, I don’t much fancy the shoes paired with it. They’re too modern for the somewhat vintage-looking dress.


Cute top, the shorts look like they’re made from trash-bags. Nothing wrong with that, ke$ha did it! Love the shoes except the brown leather straps—kind of reminds me of shackles.


American Apparel

Love, love, LOVE men’s hot pants and men who wear hot pants!  It’s about time guys started showing some leg! I have a bunch of pairs myself and they’re a God-sent in the summer to help escape the heat! I’m also a strong advocate for better looking guy clothes. We need to get away from the generic, baggy look (which the fashion industry has kind of started noticing). The shirt is simple, but paired nicely with the pants. Purple is also the new pink for guys! Boat shoes are still a hit, especially in the summer. How could you go wrong?


Anna Dello Russo

Brillballz 2024!! I love this dress. I’m calling it the Gaga-syndrome because avant-garde fashion has become more agreeable and I’m enjoying every second of it. High-fashion on runways has always been over-the-top, but now we’re seeing it more in everyday wear on the streets. I especially love the large sleeves on the dress, they make a statement. Also, the shiny leather gloves and shoes add some sauciness to the whole look. What better way is there to catch everyone’s eyes than with a red dress?!



I don’t quite understand the whole leggings paired with high-waisted denim shorts. Someone has yet to explain it to me. However, I love her oversized button shirt (especially with the sleeves rolled up for a more casual look) and her accessories. A perfect purse and glasses to match the whole “hipster” look. Sometimes I wish I could pull off some of that stuff.


So? What do you think? Do you agree with Chris? What’s your favorite/least favorite look?


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