What Men Think of Your Clothes. Sami and Sinan – Underwear Edition.

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Remember how one hundred thousand light years ago I started this segment? Well, it’s back, baby! I ask guys  about certain outfits and they talk. And guess what? Their answers are funny!



This time I interview my two friends Samuel and Sinan from Switzerland via Skype.  Here’s what they have to say.


Name: Sinan.

Age: 22.

Occupation:  Student.

City: Zürich.

Relationship status: He says he’s single, but I say he’s in a committed bromance with several bros.

What’s the sexiest thing a girl can wear? Nothing! Except high heels.


Name: Samuel a.k.a. Sami.

Age: 22.

Occupation: Student and having awesome hair.

City: Zürich.

Relationship status: Single, again, bromance.

Any advice for the ladies? Don’t wear things that make you feel uncomfortable. Your clothes should be an extension of your personality and not a disguise. Also, listen to Aminta. (Smart boy).

Photo courtesy of Frederick’s of Hollywood


Sami: “She’s beautiful. She looks good.”

Sinan: “I think she looks hot in it, but it’s special.”

Me: “For a special ocassion?”

Sami: “Yeah, special occasion.”

Sinan: “Very special occasion.”

Me: “Like what?”

Sinan: “It’s supposed to be sexy, not just to wear every time.”

Sami: “It’s like a bat.” (Wha..?)

Me: “So you like that she’s wearing it with heels?”

Sinan: “Yes, very recommendable, wearing it with heels.”

Me: (Laughs) “OK, let me send you another one.”


Find these boy shorts here!

Sami: “It’s just $8!”

Me: (Laughs) “First thing you see is the price?”

S&S: Smile and give thumbs up.

Me: “Yeah, but I’m recording you, we can’t see your face. You gotta comment on it.”

Sinan: “It’s really hot but like the *mumbles* yeah.”

Me: “I know, Sinan. You like the girl, for sure.”

Sinan: (Laughs)

Me: “You’re too straight. You need to comment more, like gay men.”

S&S: (Silence)


Photo courtesy of Frederick’s of Hollywood

Sami: “Uh uh. No.”

Me: “No what? You don’t like it?”

Sinan: “I don’t like it.”

Me: (can’t believe my ears) “It’s a thong!”

Sami: “It looks OK from the front, but from the back it looks…”

Me: (a little exasperated) “It looks what?”

Sinan: “It’s not OK.”

Sami: “It’s a no -go.”

Me: “So what…? I don’t get it. You’re hard to please. What do you want? A corset every day?”

I really don’t understand men.


Sami: “It’s like a present, and you can unwrap it.”

Me: “So you like it or not?”

Sami: “Yeah. Kind of a good idea.”

Sinan: “It’s cool.”

Me: “Make a present out of your a**?”

Sami: Yeah. I think it shouldn’t be skin colored (nude)”

Me: “How about red?”

S&S: “Yeah.”

Me: “What’s the sexiest underwear color?”

Sami: “Red.”

Sinan: “Black”

Sami: “Depends on your skin color, but I think it’s red.”

Me: “Let me find you something in a color you like, then”


Sinan: “Mmmm…”

Sami: “I like the idea of the… (says something to Sinan in Swiss German, or as I’ve come to call it “Suichi Duchi”)

Sinan: “Strap!”

Sami: “Straps!”

Me: “The belt?”

Sami: “It shouldn’t be that high up on the hip.”

Me: (Stares at them through squinted eyes) “I don’t know, you guys are difficult.”


So yeah, I started this segment in the hope of getting answers as to what men find attractive. I don’t know about you, but now I’m more confused. No to thongs!? Well, there are billions of men in the world: someone’s gotta like them!

I wasn’t surprised they liked the boy short the best. Guys definitely go gaga for the innocent girl look. Besides, I think boy shorts make your behind look better. It’s all about the butt peek-a-boo!

Lessons learned:

1. You can’t go wrong in a boy short.

2. Red is sexy. Duh! I’d told you before in this outfit post, The Lady in Red.

3. Men don’t want strappy, complicated underwear every day of the week. Save these for special occasions, like his birthday or when you did something really, really bad and need him to forgive you ASAP.

Thanks Sami and Sinan for the interview! I love you and miss you! Just kidding; just Sami. Sinan sucks :P I’m kidding, I actually really like him, sometimes.


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