What Does a Fashion Assistant Do? The Office.

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I was lucky enough to start working on a week when we were moving from one office to another. As we were packing my boss was going through some boxes and decided we should throw away some things. She saw me looking at a giant golden bow and she said in her New York accent: “You want it? Keep it.” SCORE!

Don't I look like a giant present?

Our new office is a big loft. We have shelves where we keep hundreds of fashion-related books and an open area we call “the closet.” The plan is to close it off eventually. The only thing I don’t like about the open space is that I can’t try things on without everyone being able to see me. This past week we cleaned out the closet and it was fun to see some of the things that were in there. For example, we have a huge plastic bin labeled: “Whips/S&M.” Yeah, my boss likes her harnesses on the photos. I tried a riding crop (horsewhip) on my hand and I gotta tell you, those things hurt! I don’t think that one was intended for human use, ouch! My chic boss also likes to use a lot of latex and rubber garments, so we have a smaller bin filled with oil and lube. I’m not kidding; she is THAT cool.

We have someone working at the office full time. He’s always stressed, always flustered, talks to himself but he’s really nice. When we have to pick up or drop off garment bags he won’t just tell you to go; he’ll shrug and say something like: “Altuzarra needs their stuff back, if you want to go drop it off.” He always asks if you want to do something because he says he doesn’t like telling people what to do. One of these days I’m going to say I don’t feel like doing something, just to see what happens.

When we’re shooting we usually have four racks full of clothes and a bunch of shopping bags filled with accessories. I’m going to talk about prepping for shoots in my next installment! Stay tuned!

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