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What a special day! Today we have a person of the male variety guest blogging for us. Brent is a very handsome (though not quite single) English professor who can make a mean Cosmopolitan. Today he’s sharing with us his thoughts on fashion, from his male perspective. He makes some good points, so read on!

Name: Brent

Age: 31

Occupation: English professor

Favorite part of a woman’s body: Neck, hips, and vagina. (I believe this is the first time we’ve used the word “vagina” in this blog. I’m blushing.)

The sexiest thing a woman can wear: “Short shorts, tube socks, tight teeshirt….ya, I guess just look like a Hooters girl- I mean they built a whole franchise around that look, it’s hard to argue against it.”

Aminta Leopard8Like most men, Brent is not a fan of animal print. See this look here.


When it comes to fashion, I consider myself a man on the sidelines, occasionally jumping into the game and dressing to impress. I can be a hoody-and-tee-shirt guy to my friend’s house party, or a Ted-Baker-jacket-with matching-socks guy to meet the boss for dinner. For me, fashion is a feeling-one that comes and goes like anger or jealousy. However, I appreciate those who feel it each day, who can’t leave without being a piece of art. A few weeks ago I saw a man on 5th avenue dressed in skin tight black jeans and a black jacket that reminded me of Edward Scissor Hands. His black top hat had a blue feather that reached towards the clouds as he kept a strong pace moving downtown. He was a walking Picasso, and I couldn’t help but follow this strange figure with my eyes.

My opinions on fashion are limited, but I do ask that you own your look, like a peacock who throws his wide wings in the air, flashing its colors for all to see. Grandma came to Thanksgiving this year in all-purple jumpsuit, pink wire rimmed glasses, and a crooked smile that shined throughout the evening. Cousin Francis thought she went blind, asking Auntie Violet to buy her a sweatshirt at Marshalls before we sat down for dessert. But the old bat was joyful, her energy covered the dinner party like warm sunlight. She never once cared to glance in the living room mirror or ask if her outfit was appropriate. Was she fashionable? Why not.

I say deconstruction in fashion is the way to go. Traditional conventions, underlining principles and outside values are for the birds. It’s a concept constructed through the individual. To ask “what is fashionable” is the same as asking “what is you.” Let the bankers have their whale ties from Vineyard Vines with baby blue collared shirts from Jos. A Bank, but this is not fashion, this is conformity. This look reminds me of the soccer-tees I was given for my high school varsity team; the colors were not my choice, they represented a team. Fashion is not a team sport, it helps create identity.

Of course some things just strike me as odd, like women wearing leopard print. Zebras and referees are not attractive to me, and Robert Thick at the VMA’s made my eyes sting. But rather deem this look “unfashionable,” I can only say that it’s failing to reach me, like someone speaking Spanish when all I know is English. Zebra print is not my language, so please don’t expect me to respond when you show up with a smile to my apartment in a black and white dress. I can only nod and keep a straight face when you ask me if I “like your outfit,”- No hablo espanol, entiende?

Try this: next morning when you wake up and start to get ready, search through your closet with the lights off. Rather than searching for the right outfit, let the clothes find you in the morning. Wear whatever you grab at first. Let intuition run your style, because when we over think things, we let others’ opinions of us get in the way. This strategy may result in some weird pairings at first-for a couple days I wore turtle necks for pants and tank tops in 20 degree weather. But eventually I got the hang of it, and each outfit was truly my own style.

Aminta’s note. Yeah, please don’t get dressed with the lights off. K, thanks.

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