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Like many girls who dream of a big city, I moved to NYC  without a job and without an apartment. Within two weeks I had found both. New York is a very expensive place to live, so living with a roommate is pretty standard. I liked this room right away because 1.The roommates (whom I found on Craigslist) were awesome. 2. It was huuuuuuuuuge, even for non-New York standards. 3. It was in the basement of a duplex with its own entrance, so I was guaranteed privacy. 4. It had its own half bathroom. And 5. For New York rent, it was almost dirt cheap (though twice as much as you’d pay for a one-bedroom anywhere else in the country). The room was so large I decided to separate it into three areas: dressing area, sleeping area, working area. The dressing area, of course, had to be the most important one! Before this room, all my previous bedrooms had been pink. I was obsessed with pink. I wanted a sultrier feel for this bedroom and decided to go for boudoir style. I bought some fabric, hemmed and hung it up in the dressing area. The room has very little natural light, so we’ve come to know it as “the dungeon.”

Why am I showing you my room now? Simple. I’m getting a bedroom makeover, starting with a fresh coat of paint and a carpet change. When I put it all back together it probably won’t look exactly like this, but I didn’t want to take this stuff doing without first taking some proper pictures. I was thinking of redecorating with green elements but you know what? I’m not a green girl! Green just isn’t me. I’m pink, and purple, and gold, and silver, yes, but not green. Maybe the purple will go back up? Who knows? In the meantime, welcome to my bedroom. And if you’re wondering about the dress, well, I like to don only my finest outfits when I have friends over. Welcome to my room!

Aminta Room4.jpg

The staircase. To get to my room from the first floor one must come through the staircase. It’s very tricky to maneuver at first, but now I’m a pro at moving things up and down. The secret is to find an anchor point and then pivot.

Aminta Room14.jpg

Here I am checking out the Decades PR site, a new PR boutique with whom I like to do business with. Follow them on Facebook!

Aminta Room11.jpg

The vanity. The vanity is my latest addition to the room. I got it on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond. I had been doing my makeup sitting on my bed. I’d pull up the big mirror and go to town. I was putting my hot tools on the floor, until I burned the carpet one time. So now I do my makeup in this pretty vanity; which also doubles as a desk when you put the lid down. In the cork board right in front I keep pictures of my friends and family, and a calendar with all my appointments. I recently purchased a flokati rug to go underneath the vanity, and I can’t wait for it to get here already!

Aminta Room1.jpg

Aminta Room6.jpg

The dress. This is a loan from by beautiful friend, Rose. I saw it on her the day before I shoot this and I was like: “Leave it here, I’m wearing it tomorrow.” Thanks, Rose!!! <3

Aminta Room3.jpg

The necklaces. OK, I might have a necklace problem…

Aminta Room9.jpg

The rest of the accessories. I love how one accessory can elevate a look from casual to absolutely fabulous. I used to be all about the arm party, and stacking bangles on bangles (that’s them on the basket on the left), but lately I’ve been shying away from this table- except for the earrings, when I don’t wear earrings I think I look like a boy. It goes back to a bad experience I had when I was younger and had short hair. Don’t ask. Fun fact. Look at the pictures on the left. I seem to have an oral obsession; I love a sexy mouth!

Aminta Room2.jpg

The closet. I still have the hangers from when I loved everything pink. I tried organizing by colors, but I find it easier to organize by type or garment and then by color. I like to do it like the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink. I keep my clutches and fancier bags up top, next to my knits. ‘Cause we all know you can’t hang knits, right?

Aminta Room5

The dressing area. This is hands down my favorite part of the room. When I look good I feel good, so I wanted an area that would make me feel great even before getting ready. I bought the 4-drawer dresser and the bookshelf second hand from the same girl. The smaller cubes I recently got from Target, as I was running out of space for my heels. These are just my pretties shoes, on the bookshelf on the right you can see my not-so-special ones. ‘Cause sometimes, the outfit needs to do the talking, not the shoe. Do you recognize any of the shoes here?

Aminta Room12.jpg

Aminta Room7.jpgWhich ones are your faves?

Aminta Room10.jpg

Mirror, mirror on the wall. My mirror broke during the move (and I may have dropped it once while moving it to do my makeup). I walked into Home Depot and there it was. I’ve always complained about how expensive mirrors and wall art are in the US, but this one, by Martha Steward, was very affordable. I didn’t buy it right away, but I kept thinking about it. I went back three weeks later and the next day it had a new home in my dungeon.

Aminta Room8.jpgHope you enjoyed the tour. Hope to have you back once I’ve redecorated! P.S. I feel like a showgirl in this dress. “Buy me a boa and drive me to Reno- I’m open for business!” Emily Gilmore.


Special thanks to Rose for lending me this beautiful dress and to José for taking these beautiful pictures!



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  3. Candace Belle

    October 23, 2013 at 10:08 PM

    Fantastic job! Loved every minute of it and felt like I was sitting right next to you experiencing the tour. Looking forward to the renovation!

    Candace Belle

  4. Jimena

    October 17, 2013 at 7:08 PM

    Marika you totally scored it with that room!! OMG! I love it!!! And you look stunning in that dress :*

  5. Jess

    October 16, 2013 at 10:44 PM

    STUNNING PHOTOS. Love the dress and the room! :)

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