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Finally! The moment I have been waiting for for six months. No more big coats, gloves, scarves, tights, boots, ear muffs, beanies, none of that! Finally, SPRING! Glorious, beautiful, allergy-filled spring! I wanted to do something special for the first official look of the season, so I wore this beautiful dress, courtesy of Lulu’s, which had been hanging in my closet since Fashion Week, tags on and everything, and went to Central Park on a Wednesday afternoon because, why not?

When I first got back from Coachella I missed California a lot. Now that the weather is nice here I’m like: “Cali-whaaat?” I doubt I could have worn a gown on the beach during the middle of the week with as much ease as I did here in New York. All I got where perhaps a couple of sideways glances and one little girl on a stroller who pointed at me and said: “ballerina!” Aaawwww. I complimented this beautiful gown with this flower headband I made myself before going to the West Coast. It’s amazing the kind of things you can do with a glue gun and a little bit of time. I didn’t end up wearing it at Coachella (I wore this red and yellow one instead) but I’m glad I got to wear it here. I did a little dance to welcome Spring, and even got to play a bit of frisbee with some cute guys. My photographer didn’t think they were so cute, obviously, otherwise he would have shot them.

What do you think of this Spring look?

Aminta Spring3

Aminta Spring12

Aminta Spring13

Aminta Spring10

Aminta Spring6

Aminta Spring9

Aminta Spring7

Aminta Spring4

Aminta Spring2

 Dress: courtesy of Lulu’s

Earrings (last seen here): H&M

Bracelet (last seen here): Alexis Bittar

Flower ring:  JC Penney 

Purple ring (last seen here): Street Vendor in Chinatown


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  3. Laura

    May 8, 2013 at 7:07 PM

    I remember that event invite ;) You look beautiful! I love the photos in the park. That dress is my favorite color, I might have to go shopping with that code, thank you!

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