Take your look from 2001 to 2011!

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So, I’m back in my parents’ house and I’m flipping through my old magazines. Even without looking at the dates I could guess the year by looking at the clothes. I’d say things like: “This skirt is sooooooo 2005,” and lo and behold, the magazine was from 2005. Makeup and hair styles have not varied much during the past decade—I’m deciding to ignore the bright eye shadow trend here, but two things have really changed;  things that could take you from looking dated to looking modern. Read on!

The first thing I noticed had changed A LOT was the shoes. Back in the early 2000s the actual heel was thin and short, barely two or three inches. For a more modern look you need to turn to platforms; today heels can go up to five or six inches (maybe even seven or eight if you’re Lady Gaga). With that much height you can expect heels to be chunkier, making them a lot more comfortable than they look. Back then a pointy toe was the norm, but not today, unless we’re talking about boots. Don’t get rid of your kitten heels just yet, they’re trying to make a comeback in 2011.

The second and possibly the biggest difference between “then” and “now” is the length of a skirt or dress. Today the shorter the better! Remember those peasant skirts? Toss them out. Anything below the knee is a no-no. Today you need your skirt to hit the middle of your thigh or be even higher. Beware; you don’t want to be a GWP (Girl Without Pants), again, maybe only if you’re gaga (pun intended). When you try on your micro skirt be sure you lift up your arms, if your butt peeks out you need to go a little lower, don’t take this trend too far.

For good measure, I should add that none of these looks are appropriate for the office. I don’t want any of you getting in trouble.

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