Trioo Eyewear Review- An honest review of the Bermuda glasses

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Trioo Eyewear Review disclaimer: I got these glasses for free from Trioo to review. All opinions and photos are my own, and honest (way honest).

Trioo Eyewear Bermuda

TRIOO EYEWEAR UPDATE MAY 11, 2015. When I first wrote the review for these Bermuda glasses I had been wearing them for almost a week. Now that I’ve had more time to wear them I’m updating this review here, but leaving my first impressions below. I’ve been getting more and more comfortable with my new glasses; though we were off to a really really bad start. My prescription changed from -1.25 to 1.50 on my left eye only. My right eye has been at -1.50 for two years- that’s not a big change at all, though still a change.

When I first put on my glasses my vision was distorted in the form of fisheye, which looks really cool on Instagram, but really awful and scary in real life. I’ve been wearing glasses for five years, and although I wear contacts 99% of the time I’m outside my house, I wear my glasses indoors all the time for things like watching TV and having dinner with my roommates. I have never ever experiences fish eye vision before, and these are my fourth pair of glasses. I kept bumping into things, especially legs of chairs and tables. If I had a pet or a kid, I’m pretty sure I would have bumped into them too. It’s usually taken me 1-2 days to get used to new glasses, but my Trioo pair took way way longer. I was sincerely very scared at first, especially of crossing the street while wearing my glasses, but the more I wore them the more comfortable I became.

In all honestly, I was biased against these glasses for three reasons: 1. They were coming from China and China has a reputation of not making the best quality products. 2. They were made too quickly, overnight. In the US glasses take about 1-2 weeks to be made. And 3. I was biased because of the price, but higher price does not always equal higher quality.

So all in all, I would say, if you have the budget for fancy designer glasses made in your local optic, then go for it. If your budget is a smaller but you still want trendy glasses, check out Trioo, but expect a long adjustment period. You could always get the frames at Trioo and the lenses somewhere else. Just a thought.

The original Trioo Eyewear Review:

Trioo Eyewear is an eyewear company based in China that ships glasses worldwide. The prices are very affordable, starting at $47 for frames + lenses. They have three different connections to fit three different style personalities. Today I’m reviewing the Bermuda frames in Ginger Black, found on the Archipelago collection- a collection of fashionable, vintage-inspired frames made of acetate, and all go for $67.

My eyesight:

I have myopia, or shortsightedness, meaning I can see things up close, but not from far away. I don’t have a lot, only -1.50 on each side, but still, I could not drive a car without glasses- that’d be really unsafe and irresponsible. I wear contacts 90% of the time, but I use glasses at home, and sometimes when my eyes are tired or red from allergies.

Trioo Eyewear Pros:

– Affordable prices. My pair of Bermuda frames, with lenses included were only $67- unheard of on this side of the Atlantic, where frames only will run you about $100, and lenses, another $100, at least. Shipping was also free.

– Nice frames. My Bermuda frames were lightweight, and made of beautiful matte acetate- matte frames are not common!

– Big selection.

– Fast shipping. In less than 24 hours after placing my order I got an email saying my glasses were on their way (they took one week to be delivered via UPS). Exciting, I thought, but also…how long does it take to make a GOOD pair of glasses? I’d rather wait a little longer and get good quality lenses. Which brings me to my cons…

The Cons:

– Buying glasses online is difficult because you don’t get to try them on, and you have to measure your own pupillary distance, but they have have helpful tips on the site. Since I bought my glasses they have now included a better guide to finding the best glasses for you, including measurements, and pics on people.

– Poor quality lenses. SCARY lenses. Every time I put them on I get dizzy. I feel like I have fisheye vision. I say a little prayer every time I cross the street. Seriously. Really poor quality lenses, I’m sorry. Most of the other Trioo Eyewear reviews I’ve read were from people who didn’t wear glasses, but used them as a fashion statement. As someone who really needs glasses to go about her every day life, these lenses were SCARY! All capital letters, because they truly were SCARY. I would not recommend using Trioo eyewear lenses for driving, under any circumstances.

I’ve made these my second pair, which I only use at the office. I come in with my contacts, and I take them off as soon as I get there. Since I’m nearsighted I don’t need glasses when I’m in front of the computer, so I put on my dizzy glasses when I have to go talk to a coworker, or when I have to make my way to the ladies’ room. Still, I feel drunk and I always stumble on my first step.

I think in the future I will just get Trioo glasses without prescription and buy the lenses myself here in the U.S.

Hope this Trioo Eyewear Bermuda review was helpful!

Trioo Eyewear Bermuda Review

Trioo Eyewear Bermuda


  1. adrienne anctil

    May 6, 2015 at 8:00 PM

    I have to say lenses and first thing I said when put on was not looks but wow the sharp clear detail in my vision was vastly approved. Not sure how you can review lenses when you may have the wrong prescription but I found the exact opposite and it could be that these lenses are so good and the ones you have had are less quality lens giving you different feeling. Trying to say eyes change and drs use different methods. Also I could understand if you could not see as well more fuzziness but in this case you may have found a lens company that actually is making the lens per your script and just lenses are better than you normally get. Find out. I know many local optical stores make or buy not great lenses.

    • Aminta

      May 11, 2015 at 3:12 PM

      Hi Adrienne, thank for you consistent interest in this review. I do hope you’ll spend some time looking at my other pages :) Please look at the updated review. I’m glad you’re having such a good experience with your Trioo glasses! Just as I disclosed (by U.S law) that these lenses were gifted to me for review, maybe you can disclose that you have ties to Trioo? Just a thought.

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