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As a newbie to the New York City scene I wanted to know what to expect when hitting the sample sales. Before heading to the Tracy Reese sale I did a little research. A few sites offered suggestions like wearing comfortable shoes, carrying a small purse and putting on underwear you’re not embarrassed to be seen in. Wait—what?

As soon as the 8th floor elevator door opened I understood precisely what they meant. “Oh my God,” gasped the girl standing next to me. There were half naked women everywhere, of all ages and sizes! There were women in black panties trying on dresses, there were women in beige panties trying on pants and women in polka dot panties not trying anything on but just walking around the room, which had huge, uncovered windows. This is not your typical sales, ladies; this—is—Sparta! Women will yank things from your hand, pull your hair, yell at you; anything it takes to get from 50 to 75% off retail prices. As I was checking out one of the racks a half naked lady says to me in a very thick European accent: “This,” points at the dress I’m holding, “mine.” Fine, I didn’t like it anyway!

I didn’t have any luck during this sale, but it was just my first one of the summer season.  I look forward to scouring racks and bins of clothing to find that item (s) that’s perfect for me. And when I find it I’m going to yank, pull and yell as needed. And yes, you will see me in my underwear.

Below are some of the items I saw during the sale!



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    May 24, 2012 at 8:51 PM

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  2. Philip

    May 31, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    Shopping… sounds dangerous! ;)

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