The Red Coat – Central Park Edition

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red coat

I could not survive a winter without my trusty fleece red coat. I’m not really one who likes to blend in with the crowd, so this bright red coat really helps me stand out. When I wrote this article about getting people to notice you, I  had to include the color red. Wearing anything in this hue, whether is something as large as this coat, or more demure, like a lipstick, will make people look at you instantly. When I was researching color psychology I found that that red is one of the color that catches our eye instantly (which is why traffic signs are red) and also makes our heart beat speed up.

A red coat will let people know you’re confident and full of energy. However, because red is such a powerful color, some people might find too much of it too intimidating; which is why I kept the rest of the outfit simple, in a darker color palette. You had seen me rock this red coat before, paired with neutrals. After I put on this outfit I thought it felt a little bit like a school uniform (the sweater, A-line skirt, etc.), so I added these sexy suspender tights to take it from high school hallway to runway.

red coat

red coat

red coat

red coat

Aminta Red Coat10.jpg

red coat

red coat

Red coat (last seen here): Old Navy. I changed the buttons to make it more me.

Sweater: French Connection, Marshalls

Skirt: JCPenney

Suspender tights (last seen here): asos

Necklace: Material Girl, Macy’s

Booties (last seen here): Chinese Laundry


Aminta Red14.jpgThe Red Coat

red skirtLove Stories Suck

Aminta Red Shoes15The Red Shoes


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