The Psychology of Color. Yellow, Blue, and Red.

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Photos by CMFoto and Beto Ramos. Awesome photoshopping by moi. Don’t laugh, OK?  I tried!


What we wear says a lot about who we are, but did you know the color you wear has lots to do with the way others perceive you? I already told you that wearing red is a sure way to get people to notice you, but what other colors should you wear when you’re trying to accomplish something else, like getting a new job, for example? Read on and let me explain to you how colors affect us!

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Let’s start with the primary colors, which also happen to be the colors of the Venezuelan flag :)

Aminta Yellow

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you and everything you do. Yeah, they were all yellow.” Yellow by Coldplay.

Yellow at a glance. A warm color, yellow is very eye-catching and helps with memory (think of highlighters  legal notepads, and sticky notes!). The color of the sun, yellow is a fun and optimistic color.

When to wear yellow. If you’ve decided to wear yellow you’ve maken the choice to get noticed today; you go girl! However, this is not an easy color to pull off. Depending on your skin tone, yellow can make you look, well, yellow- especially when worn close to the face.  Your best bet is to wear yellow as an accent color, instead of your main outfit color. Neons are very in right now. Why not try yellow earrings, a yellow bag or even yellow shoes? Fun!

Aminta Yellow

And it Was All Yellow. I really love wearing yellow because I hate going unnoticed. I like to rock it during rainy days to brighten everyone’s day- whether they want it or not.

Aminta Blue

“She wore blue velvet, bluer than velvet were her eyes. Warmer than May her tender sighs. Love was ours…” Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton.

Blue at a glance. When you ask people their favorite color, most of them will say blue. A cool color, blue is universally liked by both men and women. A calm and peaceful color, it relaxes us and reduces stress. A constant in our lives (think of the blue sea and skies) we consider blue to be a trustworthy and honest color.

When to wear blue. Like with every other color you must take your skin tone into account when picking a shade of blue. This is a great color to wear on a job interview because it will showcase loyalty and control- why do you think police officers wear navy uniforms? Speaking of which, navy blue is a great alternative to black and it also doubles as a neutral. When trying to look more feminine go for lighter shades, like sky of powder blue.

Aminta Rue8

Rue 107. I wore a navy blue gabardine skirt all through school, so now I associate navy blue with homework. I like to wear bright blues, like this fab royal, because they make more of a statement and they look great with my olive skin.

Aminta Red

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” Gwyneth Paltrow.

Red at a glace. A warm color, red is associated with love and passion, perhaps because it makes out heart rate speed up. It grabs our attention quickly (think of red stop traffick signs, or red lights) and is sometimes associated with sexuality (if you don’t have red underwear you need to buy some TODAY, even if you have no one to show it to, you will feel like a sexy vixen).  Red is a lively and ambitious color, but too much can make us irritated and aggressive.

When to wear red. Just like every woman needs a LBD (Little Black Dress) every woman needs a red dress. When we wear red we portray confidence, which can be a double-edged sword, since we may intimidate others. Don’t wear red on a job interview or when meeting his parents for the first time (we want to stay away from anything that’s going to make mom and dad think of you as a sexual being). Since red is such a lively color it would be nice to wear it towards the end of the week, when energy levels are low. If you don’t dare wear red all over opt for accessories, or a lipstick- which will make your teeth look whiter instantly!

Aminta LaVie9

C’est La vie. I have two red winter coats, two pairs of red shoes, two red dresses, one red mini skirt, one red top, one pair of red Converse, and counting…


More color psychology!

Aminta GreenOrange, green and pink!

Aminta BrownBrown, gray and white!

Aminta GoldBlack, purple, silver and gold!


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