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Photos by Henry Wu


Happy Monday everyone! (Is there ever a Monday that is happy?) I hope you all had a fab weekend! It was a sad Sunday for me, as I took out my fall/winter/spring wardrobe from storage and put away my summer clothes (#firstworldproblems). Summer is officially over and I feel I’ve been cheated; summer barely lasted at all! I was still wearing coats in May! Now we’re back to outerwear again? Whyyyyyyyyyy? Oh well, the colder it is the more clothes I get to put on, the the more clothes I get to wear the better!

When I got this dress, courtesy of Flirt Catalog, I was warned that it was quite sheer. Ok, no probs, I thought, I’ll just wear it with a nude bodysuit underneath. I tried it on at home, everything looked good.The moment I stepped out of the front door and down two stairs the whole dress opened wide at the front. Hoping nobody saw I grabbed my dress, bowed my head down in shame and made a mad dash for the train. Big mistake, the dress likes to play in the wind. That day about 20 people must have gotten a good show. But it’s New York, they’ve seen worse. A little peep show has never stopped be from wearing anything before, click for an example, but I will be sure to wear this dress with tights from now on, or a slip. The color is incredibly versatile. I can see it with black tights, burgundy tights (the color of the season!), booties, heels, etc. I can pair it with brights like this turquoise blazer or neutrals for a less flashy look. I chose it out of the many dresses at Flirt Catalog because of the shiny details, which I knew would make quite a statement in the sun. And I wasn’t wrong about that.

I met today’s guest photographer, Henry Wu, at Lincoln Center during Fashion Week. We got together in Chelsea and this is the result! Thanks, Henry, for the great photos!


The picture I took of the picture Henry took of me with his Polaroid camera during lunch 


Dress (buy it here!): Flirt Catalog 

Blazer: H&M

Shoes (last seen here): City Streets, JCPenney

Sunglasses (last seen here):  Stret vendor in SoHo // Buhonero en SoHo


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  5. Laura

    October 2, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    A is for Aminta and AMAZING! Props to you and Henry for these are great photos.
    P.S. Thanks for introducing me to the #FirstWorldProblems website :)

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