The Leopard Jacket

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Aminta Leopard Coat11.jpg Photos by Beto Ramos


Good Heavens, how I love leopard! Just last week I showed you a red leopard skirt, and you’ve already seen me rock a leopard cardiganleopard pants, and if course, leopard heels. When rocking this print, be sure to limit to one item an outfit, to avoid looking too gaudy. This wonderful jacket came to me via my awesome aunt, Carolina. You’ve seen her house (and her Great Dance, Jack here). I was visiting her in Connecticut, and the day I left the jacket was in my suitcase. No words, no note, nothing- just an animal print coat. That lady really knows what I like! :)

You might find my choice of shoes a little off- something below four inches? whaaaaa? Yes! My mom had originally purchases these shoes for a wedding, and she found them terribly uncomfortable, so guess who got free shoes? Yay! I love how my mom and my aunt keep me looking good!

And the jeans? Yeah, they’re also a bit different from what I usually wear. I bought them at a thrift store when I first moved to New York for $9, and probably wore them twice, but kept them in my closet- you know how it is. Then I found an amazing pair of jeans I liked them so much I bought three pairs. Alas, with my thunder thighs rubbing together, they were destroyed, at the same time! Once, I was on my way to the airport when I bent down to grab my computer charger and heard a rip. “Shoot,” I thought. “No time to change now.” So for a while this was all I had in the denim department. Fear not, I have bought two new pairs of jeans, and things are back to normal. Phew.

A while back I showed you my formula for getting dressed in under 5 minutes and looking ah-mazing? Well, here’s another example! Jeans and a simple shirt + a statement necklace + fun outerwear + heels. Works every time! Learn more about that here.

Aminta Leopard Coat2.jpg

Aminta Leopard Coat.jpg

Aminta Leopard Coat7.jpg

Aminta Leopard Coat5.jpgI’m lucky to have this leather Mamahuhu clutch in my collection. Is a classic shape, that gets me lots of compliments!

Aminta Leopard Coat4.jpg

Aminta Leopard Coat8.jpg

Aminta Leopard Coat12.jpg

Aminta Leopard Coat3.jpg

Aminta Leopard Coat9.jpg

Aminta Leopard Coat10.jpg

Jacket: Forever 21

Top: Courtesy of Lulu’

Jeans: Bull Head

Heels: Style & Co., Macy’s

Bag: Courtesy of Mamahuhu

Necklace: courtesy of Capwell + Co.

Sunglasses (last seen here): Charlotte Russe

More Leopard! Roar!

Aminta Moda Eclectic2Moda Eclectic

Aminta Femme Fatale8Femme Fatale

Aminta Jungle UP In Here 4.jpgIt’s a Jungle up in here!




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