The leather shorts

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leather shortsPhotos by Beto Ramos and CMFoto


I applaud the bloggers who brace the cold and head outside in the hunt for the perfect outfit shot. I’m not one of those bloggers- I much rather stay inside, in my fleece pajamas, drinking some hot cocoa and working on the blog. I don’t have a winter outfit to show you, but I do have this little jewel from the fall!

I’m not a big fan of brown, but when I found this faux leather shorts on the clearance rack (only $9.99!) I really couldn’t resist now, could I? To make the boring color more interesting I paired it with what’s quickly becoming my fave color to wear: red. Red not only photographs beautifully, but is also a very invigorating color, that conveys confidence and power. If you’re interested in the psychology behind the colors, you can read my posts here. If you’re ever having a bad day and you need an instant pick-me-up, a pop of red will do the trick!


leather shorts

leather shorts

leather shorts

Aminta Irarte



Sweater: The Limited

Shorts: No label

Booties (last seen here): Zambumba


red coatThe Red Coat- Central Park

Aminta Red12.jpgThe Red Coat- Union Square

Aminta TLIR6.jpgThe Lady in Red

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