The Leather Leggings

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Aminta Leather Leggings3.jpgPhotos by Beto Ramos


I have been wanting leather pants since the late 90s. They were all the rage back then, in a wider boot cut, of course. So when I was still a tween, I picked one, went into the fitting room, and wasn’t able to get them up past my Latin hips. Sigh. This past November, when I walked into Zara and saw these wonderful-looking leather leggings. They’re nice and fancy pleather on the front (you know, sometimes faux leather can look very cheap!), but stretchy fabric on the back- to fit all of my assets!

Have you seen that hilarious Friends episode where Ross buys leather pants, then goes to a date’s house to watch a movie and he feels very, very hot! Now I can fully relate to him! Yes, leather is tricky! Even with the elastic in the back is hard to pull these up! So if you ever buy anything like this, expect to spend some extra time in the bathroom, carefully peeling off you sexy leather pants, and then carefully, but firmly, pulling them back on. These in particular don’t have much elastic around the waist, and no belt loops, so I have to constantly pull them up, since they seem to keep falling down. This also means I can only wear them with long shirts, or maybe it just means I’m fully over the low-waist pants trend, and that I forgot how to wear it. Either way, in spite its downfalls, I still really love my leather leggings <3

One more thing! Beto and I shot some pictures a couple years ago in this same area- and I’m wearing leather shorts! Is a coincidence, I swear, but you should still see the pictures here!

Aminta Leather Leggings9.jpg

Aminta Leather Leggings5.jpg

Aminta Leather Leggings8.jpg

Aminta Leather Leggings7.jpg

Aminta Leather Leggings.jpg

Aminta Leather Leggings2.jpg

Aminta Leather Leggings6.jpg

Leather leggings: Zara

Blouse: courtesy of Charlotte Russe

Blazer: H&M

Shoes: Aldo

Necklace (last seen here): H&M

Ring: a gift from my beautiful goddaughter, Isabella

Sunglasses: Beya

More leather, and more blue!

Brian AdererMobella

Aminta Playing Around1Playing around

Aminta Lower East Side9Hipsterville


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