The Flamenco Skirt. Olé!

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I’ve danced ballet all of my life, but most of my other dancer friends opted for the beautiful and dramatic Spanish dance of Flamenco. It’s a very beautiful dance, which really shows the Spanish flavor and passion- a lot of which us Latinos inherited.  I find its hand gestures and subtle head and hip movements very captivating to watch.  I especially enjoy the footwork, or zapateado, which is similar to tap, but not really. I haven’t taken flamenco one day in my life; so when I had to include some hand movements in these photoshoot I felt like Michael Jackson during Thriller. Still, I tried my best, and I had a lot of fun shooting this outfit!

I got this stunning skirt two years ago during the Lulu’s Style Studio here in New York. The style studio is my favorite thing about Fashion Week! A great night of mingling with other bloggers, and learning about all the fun stuff Lulu’s has to offer! The uniform of is this summer is long, or maxi skirts with crop tops; this is just one of the many examples of this combo you’ll see here this year. I’m a big fan of fans (ha!) and I like to buy a bunch every season, in different colors, to match my different outfits. I simply cannot stand this New York City heat! A fan really comes in handy when waiting underground for the subway, or when trying to order a margarita in a crowded bar. And so, armed with my trusty blue fan, my polka dot skirt, and of course, my red lips, I was ready to tackle the world of flamenco- kinda. I really tried my best, and I apologize in advance to all the flamenco dancers out there if I messed up some forms and shapes! Your art is stunning, and I can only dream of one day becoming a bailaora! Olé!

If you want to see this beautiful dance in action, check this video by Venezuelan Siudy Garrido. Notice how even the facial expression plays a big role in this beautiful dance. Here’s an amateur video of flamenco dancing on the streets of Madrid. This girl is wearing a polka dot skirt; a print I always associate with flamenco. As you can see, some important aspects of this beautiful dance are live music (a guitar and tabla, at least), and a man or woman with a raspy voice, singing canto jondo- which roughly translates into “deep singing.”

But before you go there, be sure to scroll down to see the rest of the pics!

Aminta Flamenco2.jpg

Aminta Flamenco4.jpg

Aminta Flamenco6.jpg

Aminta Flamenco5.jpg

Aminta Flamenco10.jpg

Aminta Flamenco9.jpg

Aminta Flamenco8.jpg

Aminta Flamenco11.jpg

Aminta Flamenco7.jpg

Aminta Flamenco12.jpg

Aminta Flamenco1.jpg

Skirt: courtesy of Lulu’s

Top: H&M

Shoes (last seen here): courtesy of Charlotte Russe

Earrings: a gift from Saudi Arabia, from my friend Lyal

Fan: somewhere in Chinatown

Bracelet: a gift from my friend José, who took these pictures!

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