The Bowery Mural

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bowery mural
Photos by Beto Ramos

I couldn’t pass up a chance to take some photos in front of the Bowery Mural, and show you that not everything is black and white. The Bowery Mural is famous for hosting the works of various artists, which change seasonally. Right now we have the pleasure of feasting our eyes in the beautiful and colorful works of Brooklyn-based artist, Maya Hayuk. Such a treat for us New Yorkers, especially after such a long winter, to walk around the Lower East Side and be greeted by this explosion of color.

The Bowery Mural can be found on the corner of Bowery and Houston. While I was taking pictures, every time I looked up at the intersection and saw the “Bowery” sign all I could think about was: “…and Bowery. She’d be standing next to me. I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart…”

New York is a tough and crazy city, but oh, how I love living here… New York, I belong with you- you’re my sweetheart!

Aminta Black and White2.jpg

Aminta Black and White3.jpg

Aminta Black and White5.jpgIn pursuit of magic

Bowery Mural

Aminta Black and White6.jpg


Dress: Marshalls

Blazer: H&M

Shoes (last seen here): Chinese Laundry

Earrings: Steve Madden, at Macy’s

Sunglasses (last seen here): Beya

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