The Amazeballs Necklace. One more from Fashion Week.

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Amazeballs nacklace


OK, in all seriousness, I only wear this Amazeballs necklace ironically. As in: O.M.G., you guys, this necks is, like,  totes amaze! I’ve only really heard one person say this before in real life; a stylist I used to work with. I handmade some stuff for this photoshoot with Jourdan Dunn and photographer Francesco Carrozzini for Vogue Italia. He took one look at it and said: “Amaaaaaazeballs.” That was a very proud moment for me, ha. Upon further research, I found that the term “amazeballs” is used mostly in the West Coast and apparently a lot of people here in New York hate it. I’m not surprised. New Yorkers hate everything. When I saw this Amazeballs Necklace at Forever 21 I just knew I had to get it. I mean, it was like, #totesamaze!

This is the outfit I wore on the very last day of New York Fashion Week. At this point my feet could not handle any heels. They were swollen and bruised, and I really just didn’t give a tiny rat’s butt anymore about how I looked. Ok, I’m lying a little bit. I threw on this romper, which you’ve already seen here, put some double-sided tape on my chest (nobody likes a nip slip), threw on my flats, my amazeballs necklace, and my new sunnies by Mercura NYC (see my other pair here). I called it a day. I had never been so comfortable inside the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tents.

What do you think of my comfy look?

amazeballs necklace

amazeballs necklace

amazeballs necklace

amazeballs necklace


Romper (last seen here): Alythea, at Necessary Clothing

Shoes (last seen here): Sam Edelman

Clutch: Thirfted

Amazeballs necklace: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Mercura NYC


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