Summer Days. Leather in the Park.

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Aminta Summer Days3.jpgCMFoto

Summertime, and the living is easy…

Ah summer, how I’d missed you! I was growing tired of tights, and layer upon layer, upon layer of clothing! I’ve been ready to bear my limbs (especially my legs) for a long time already! I decided to welcome the new season with a floral print blouse- reminds me a bit of this Hawaiian chic shirt. I headed in a hot summer day to Central Park to shoot this outfit with José. Funny enough, we had already shot a look here a couple of years ago, and by coincidence, I was also wearing a leather skirt! 

And speaking of leather skirts, I’ve been adding a few to my collection in the past year. This one I got during Black Friday, for about $20. Talk about a great buy! I wore it A LOT this past winter and it always got me a ton of compliments. This is the first time I’ve worn it without tights and I have to admit, I think is a little short. Maybe I’m just not used to having bare legs yet, but I was feeling kinda self-conscious. But I guess, how we say in Venezuela: “Lo que no se muestra, no se vende.” Which roughly translates into: “What you don’t show, you don’t sell.” Or in other words: “If you got it, flaunt it!”

Let the leg-bearing season officially begin! If you want some tips on getting your legs ready for summer, check this out.

Aminta Summer Days6.jpg

Aminta Summer Days.jpg

Aminta Summer Days9.jpg

Aminta Summer Days2.jpg

Aminta Summer Days5.jpg

Aminta Summer Days8.jpg

Top: Arizona, at JCPenney

Skirt: L’Amour Nanette Lepore, at JCPenney

Shoes (last seen here): Nature Breeze

Necklace: courtesy of Charlotte Russe

Bracelet: a gift from the beautiful Trina, producer of Shopaholics on Call

Ring: H&M (thanks, Krystle!)

More leather!

Aminta Little Miss Diva8.jpgLittle Miss Diva

Aminta Leather Leggings.jpgThe Leather Leggings

Aminta Red Leather.jpgRed leather

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