Spring Fashion and Vintage Jewelry

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Guest post by Naomi Shaw. 

Vintage is coming back with a bang this spring. From bowler hats to print dresses, the upcoming fashion season is dedicated to paying homage to looks of days gone by. To accessorize your vintage look the right way, take a peek at the following vintage jewelry styles that are perfect for your spring wardrobe.

Niello Jewelry

Niello ChainPhoto courtesy of Etsy

Niello is made from a mixture of copper, silver, lead, and sulphur. Used to add a decorative touch of contrast to select jewelry, niello can be traced back as far as the ancient Egyptians. Popping up in fashion cycles throughout history, niello is back in again. For a niello look that adds a touch of flair to your spring wardrobe, choose a long chain that features the niello. Worn with a vest or a drape, your niello is sure to make a fashion-savvy statement.

Vintage Pins

Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier beetle pinPhoto courtesy of Farfetch

Forgotten by the fashion world for close to a decade, pins are finally making a comeback. Adding a splash of color to blazer lapels, hats, and even purses, pins are one of the most versatile fashion accessories on the market. For a unique, eclectic look, try collecting one-of-a-kind pins from antique dealers, flea markets, and yard sales. Animal pins are always a safe bet–from birds, to dragonflies, to owls, finding a pin to match your every look is fun, easy, and rewarding.

Wide Bangle Bracelets

Vintage Moschino BraceletPhoto courtesy of Farfetch

Loose, comfortable floral styles are big this spring. Coordinate your jewelry to match your look with a vintage wide bangle bracelet. Wide bangle bracelets go perfectly with drapes, vests, and blouses. Popular throughout history, wide bangle bracelets are great for making your arms and wrists appear smaller in size. For a style that draws in the eye, choose a hand-engraved floral bangle bracelet, or a silver and niello design.

Enamel Earrings

Enamel earringsPhoto courtesy of The Outnet

It’s all about exaggerated jewelry this spring, so vintage enamel earrings are a great way to go. Enameling is achieved when a thin layer of colored glass is added to a piece of jewelry. Used by both the Romans and the Ancient Egyptians, enamelling techniques have been used for almost two millenniums. Popular during the Victorian period, and again during the Art Nouveau period, enamel jewelry is back in style once more. By combining elegance and color, enameled jewelry is a perfect match for just about any ensemble.

Retro Bracelet Watches

Gucci gold watch

Photo courtesy of Macy’s

Bracelet watches were big in the 1940s, marrying practicality with fashion. Despite experiencing a steady decline in popularity since the rise of smart gadgets, watches are finally returning as a fashion statement. With a retro bracelet watch, you’ll add a great conversation piece to your wardrobe, as well as ensuring that even if your phone dies you won’t be late to your next meeting. Bracelet watches are fun and versatile, working well with day and evening wear alike. To add a little color to your look, consider a gemstone-studded or enamelled watch.

Naomi Janelle Shaw is a journalist, beautician and full-time mom. Follow her on Facebook.

Feature image courtesy of retrowaste.com

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