Soft Curls for Valentine’s Day

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Aminta Iriarte

Soft Curls for your hot Valentine’s Day date! Girls ask me all the time how I curl my hair, and I always say I do nothing out of the ordinary. I started using hot tools in my hair around the time I moved to the U.S. nine years ago. So now, I have about 10 different hot tools for different hair styles. So of course, these are not my natural curls, but rather some I’ve created myself with the help of a lot of heat.

Just like your skin dries up in the winter, your hair and scalp get dry as well. I’ve been suffering quite a bit from dry hair. Before Head & Shoulders reached out to me to try their Moisture Care collection, I was actually using their Green Apple line (I wanted to meet Sofia Vergara!) and I’m not gonna lie, my hair was feeling a little blah. As we all know, Head & Shoulders is a brand that helps fight dandruff, and I don’t personally suffer from this problem. So of course, my hair was getting a bit dry! A friend of mine, who uses Head & Shoulders religiously suggests you use this product every other time you wash your hair, to avoid over-drying.

Head and Shoulder moisture carePhotos by Beto Ramos

But alas, I got the Head & Shoulders Moisture Care line on the mail and I just had to try it out! First of all, such a yummy smell! Even in the midst of winter I felt like I was in a Caribbean island, sipping on a piña colada. After using the Green Apple line for about a month I felt an immediate different with the Moisture Care line right away. My hair was much softer, and less prone to silly winter static. The main ingredients of this line include vitamin E rich almond oil, coconut essence and dandruff-fighting ingredient zinc pyrithione (ZPT).

So this is how I curl my hair (of course, it’s always nicer when someone else curls it). Step one! Because I’ve ben abusing my hair for years now, I like to let my hair air-dry before bringing on the heat.

Step 1. Dry your hair as you normally do. Air dry, or use a blow dryerAminta Curls2

So this is my natural, air-dried hair. As you can see, I have a bit of a curl, but it can be a full-on curl if I use the right products.

Step 2. Part your hair so as to give it more volumeAminta Curls3

My dry hair does whatever it wants to, and I let it. When is time for me to do my hair I don’t have a favorite side to part it. I usually part it to the opposite side it dried to, so as to give it more volume. Here you can see my part is a little left of the center, so I’m doing a deep part on the right.

no dandruff

Don’t mind me, just showing off my flake free part. I can imagine living with dandruff is the equivalent of living with acne, something I’m constantly dealing with. It’s great there’s a product out there that helps people live confidently!

Step 3. Divide your hair into small sections.

Aminta Curls5

Make your life easier and diver your hair into small parts to make the curling process a breeze. Start from the bottom and work your way up.

Step 4. Curl away from your face

Soft Curls

This is the longest I’ve had my hair, so I’m using a pretty large curling iron of one inch and a half. To give your hair more volume I curl the strands closer to my face away from it (towards the outside), for a Farrah-Fawcett-y look. This takes time to learn, but I promise you, the more you do it, the easier it will get. I can now practically curl my hair with my eyes closed.

Step 5. Curl your hair towards your face.

Aminta Curls7

I know I just said you should curl your hair away from your face, but listen up. Natural curls don’t curl just one way, so to give your curls a more natural look, and your hair a lot more volume, you have to curl your strands both ways. Like with everything, this too will take you some time to learn, but I promise it will be worth it!

The final result + come hither look

Aminta Curls8

And this is how I achieve my curls! What your plans this V-Day, and what do you plan on doing with your hair?

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