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Shop your closet


I think personal style blogs are so popular because we’re not models- we’re normal girls, just like you. We don’t (always) have a team of people who take two to three hours to do our hair and makeup, and we don’t have a team of stylist who come in with racks on racks on racks of designer clothes. No. Just like you, we go through our closet full of pretty things and exclaim in frustration that “I have nothing to wear!” We too window shop and salivate at the $10k gowns, and we too have to get creative when it comes to getting dressed on a budget.

When I started the blog back in 2010 I wanted to share my fashion and style tips. One of my first ideas was to show you how to make the most of your closet by styling what you already have in many different ways. Ten years ago I would not have thought twice about wearing the same great outfit to two different occasion, but nowadays, thanks to Facebook and other social media, I rarely go one day without getting my picture snapped. My friends, who are not shy, would never hesitate to say “but I saw you wear that outfit on your blog two days ago!” so I’ve had to be smarter about mixing my pieces.  Here is where the idea of shopping your closet comes from. You have more outfits than you can imagine in your own wardrobe! So go through it with fresh eyes, and get some ideas from my outfits below.

Do you like to shop your closet?

Shop your closetA PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT. 1. One shirt, three outfits. Part I. 2. One shirt, three outfits. Part II. 3. One shirt, three outfits. Part III. 4. One shirt, three outfits. Part IV. Extra feathers.

Aminta denim jacket.jpgA DENIM JACKET. 1. One shirt, three outfits. Part III. 2. Ni hao, Chinatown!

Aminta Navy Romper.jpgA ROMPER IN A NEUTRAL COLOR. 1. Kiss me, Lolita. 2. The amazeballs necklace.

Shop your closetA BLACK JACKET. 1. New York is the thing that seduced me. 2. And it was all yellow. 3. Fashion Week Diary. 

Shop your closetA COLOR-BLOCK DRESS. 1. In the closet. 2. Fall colors.


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  3. Frankie

    January 29, 2014 at 3:02 PM

    I agree with you when you say shop your closet. I try to do that all the time but there is always something missing so I have to go clothes shopping again!

    Fashion Hosiery 101

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