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In this day and age, a girl’s gotta know how to maximize the clothes in her closet, not only to pinch some pennies, but also so get those creative juices flowing! One item can be worn many different ways, if you’re open to looking at it with fresh eyes every time. When I go shopping I like to buy things that already match with what’s on my closet (although sometimes, one just needs to indulge!). Neutrals are always a great buy, ’cause they can be worn with virtually any color in the spectrum. Hopefully, going through my outfits below will inspire you to try some of your old pieces in a new way!

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1. A turquoise blazer

Aminta Turquoise Blazer.jpg1. Here comes a unicycle! 2. The nude dress. 3. F*ck school, I’ll be a blogger. 4. I love Harlem, I love Venezuela

Turquoise is a color that looks great on everybody; a vibrant color,which will liven up any outfit. This oversized blazer in from H&M, and I’m going to wear it until it falls apart! I subscribe to the school of thinking that no outfit is complete without some form of outerwear, making this light blazer a great option for any season. I shot the 2nd outfit from the right in February (winter in the Northern Hemisphere) and layered it underneath a big furry coat).


2. A crop top

Aminta Cropped Top.jpg1. Roar! 2. Riding the heat wave. 3. Sexy Secretary

A necessity in every modern day’s closet. This crop top has been with me since the first time I headed West to Coachella, in 2011. Is not your regular crop top, since it has sexy cut outs on the sides. The best way to pair a cropped top is with a high waist. So far, I’ve only shot it with skirts, but I’ve worn this top on my days off with some vintage high-rise shorts. I realized, as I was writing this post, that I’ve featured this top on the blog three times, and always with the same shoes! Haha. I also wore it on this other outfit post, but layered underneath some plaid. Talk about a versatile piece!


3. Black and white floral shorts

Aminta Floral Shorts.jpg1. New York is the thing that perverted me. 2. …and New York is the thing I love too. 3. Bronze Glow

When I first got these shorts from Topshop, I thought I would wear them with either black, or white tops. Orange never crossed my mind, and much less the much daring floral top in the middle. These shorts have proven to be a great option for both the summer and the winter. They are black and white, so they’re neutral-ish, but the flower pattern makes them very special.


4. Leather shorts

Aminta Leather Shorts.jpg1. The red car. 2. Hipsterville. 3. Here comes a unicycle!

OK, I’m not going to lie, these are not always crotch friendly- especially in the summer months! Things heat up really quickly, but a little warmth is a small sacrifice to make for looking this cute! I snagged this pair for about $17 at H&M (thanks the Heavens for that store!). Black items are always a good buy because you can pair them with anything!


5. A black pencil skirt

Aminta Black Pencil Skirt.jpg1. Emerald. 2. The Red Shoes. 3. Fuchsia in the snow

I used to think pencil skirts were meant for the office, and since I don’t have a regular office job I never thought I’d have much use for this skirt. Boy, was I wrong. As a girl with bigger hips (I love my curves!) I try to keep my bottoms dark- hence all the black, to draw attention to the smaller part of my body, the torso, a.k.a. the boobies. This fitted skirt can be worn with anything, including my two furry coats :)

Shop your closet!

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