Shoe Glossary. Part II. M-W.

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Please refer to Part I
Mary Janes. Can be flat of heels. A shoe with a strap across the arch. These shoes give off an innocent, yet flirty vibe. Dolce & Gabbana.




Moccasins. Similar to loafers. Soft leather shoes originating from Native-American’s shoe style. Minnetonka, available at




Mules. Another kind of slip-on shoe. Very similar to the clog but without the wooden heel. Comes in different heights. Michael by Michael Kors. Available at



Oxfords. My must-buy of the spring/summer 2012 season. Menswear-inspired, closed toe, laced shoe. Longchamp.



Peep toe. These come in different heights. Any shoe which shows off one or two toes is a peep toe shoe. This is called toe cleavage. If you show any more than 2 toe cracks you’re a toe slut. Burak Uyan.



Platforms. Like the name suggests, this is a shoe with a platform (duh!). It can be hidden or showing.This style includes several others, like Mary Janes, pumps, sandals, etc. Strippers are quite fond of this style—and so am I.  Yves Saint Laurent.

Pointy toe. A pump, D’Orsay, mule, etc. with a pointy end. Perfect for making your legs appear longer (especially in a skin-color tone) and a classy shoe for work. Personally, I think that if you’re in your 20s or younger you could go with a funkier shoe. Tory Burch.

Pumps. The best (and so far the only Aminta-approved) kind of slip on shoe. “Pumps” is the generic term to refer to high heels without any fastenings. They come in various heights. Stuart Weitzman.


Rain boots A.K.A. wellies. Waterproof rubber boots to wear when it’s raining. Kamik, available at



Sandals. A shoe to show off you toe cleavage. There are many different styles for all the different tastes. They come in all heights: platform or no platform. They have straps holding the back preventing that awful flop-flop-flop noise. Get my drift here? Strap: OK. No strap, not OK. Jimmy Choo.

Sling backs. This type of shoe has a strap at the back holding the foot in place. This straps tends to lose elasticity as you wear the shoe. A time will come when the strap is so loose you will start flip flopping. Bummer. Take them to get repaired or lose them all together. You’re better than that. Sergio Rossi, available at

Sneakers. I am obsessed with sneakers right now. They’re really in! Perhaps you won’t wear them this year, but trust me, by next summer you’ll own at least one pair! These are more stylish than athletic shoes, dressier but still quite casual. A complete no-no for any formal event, or Church! Pierre Hardy.

Stiletto A.K.A. Spike heel. Perhaps the sexiest kind of shoe; and the hardest to walk in. “Stiletto”  refers to the type of heel:  pointy, thin and high. Alejandro Ingelmo.



Wedges. This shoe gets its name from the wedges used to keep door open. The heel runs smoothly on the underside of the shoe. In my opinion, this is the most comfortable heel because the weight is spread evenly and you don’t have to worry about getting your heel stuck anywhere, like a bar stool. These are heaven-sent when you need to walk in grass. Charlotte Olympia.


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