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 Aminta Russian2CMFoto


It’s my birthday week, and if I feel like calling myself a princess I will, ok? Humor me; I’m getting old. These are the other set of pictures we shot at Fort Tyrone Park. I’m luckier than most girls when it comes to getting dressed because I get to have someone take my picture from all angles and I am able to see what really works. This look doesn’t work. At 5’4″ (1.63 m.) I’m already petite, and this look is making me seem a lot shorter. I love the 20s flair of this vintage dress I got from Hooti Couture last summer; thought I should probably have it taken in, since, as I’m learning today, a belt does not solve all fit problems. I knew the length wasn’t the most flattering for me, since the shorter you are the higher your skirt hem should be (up to a point, of course), but I thought I could make it work.

I could have made my legs look longer by wearing a black shoe. Why? Because all you would see in my legs would be black, giving the illusion that 1. my legs were slimmer and 2. you wouldn’t know where my leg ended and where my shoe started. But nooooo, I had to go and wear the worst shoe ever! It’s not the contrasting color that’s doing the most harm, but that little ankle strap. You’ve seen me rock these beautiful shoe before here, but I think I did a much better job at faking tallness. All the same, I really like these pictures. I seriously need to stop going out in the snow half naked. This is my every day coat. When you live somewhere cold you have special occasion coats as well; or at least I do. I got it from Macy’s the day after Christmas last year and I had to fight a tiny Asian lady for it; literally.  I tried it on and as I was taking it off she started pulling on the sleeve. I was having none of that. Every time I wear it someone says I look like a Russian girl. The princess part I added to cheer myself up.


Aminta Russian4

Aminta Russian14

Aminta Russian3

Aminta Russian9

Aminta Russian13

Aminta Russian7

Aminta Russian5

Aminta Russian10

Aminta Russian11

Aminta Russian6

Aminta Russian8

Aminta Russian1


Dress: Vintage

Puffer jacket: Via Spiga, Macy’s (similar)

Shoes (last seen here): Steve Madden (similar, similar)

Necklace (last seen here): Pay/half


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  3. KatWalkSF

    February 4, 2013 at 8:05 PM

    The dress is just amazing and Happy Birthday! Enjoy and call yourself a princess! Who cares?!?!

  4. Corleen

    February 4, 2013 at 7:52 PM

    Love the hood on the coat. It looks luxuriously warm. I think the dress works on you too.
    Fun pictures as always :)

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