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Finally! Part Dos of a collaboration I did with Rue 107. Please check out part Uno, definitely one of my favorite looks from last year! When I first saw a rack of the Rue 107 items I was a little hesitant to reach for the brighter garments. I know my body and I know what works best. As a pear-shaped lady I like to keep my bottoms simple to draw attention to my smallest body part, my chest *sigh* I could not believe my eyes when I shimmied into this electric blue skirt. Oh my goodness: I looked so tiny! Score! Rue 107’s pieces are AH-MAZING! They are definitely made with the curvier bodies in mind- that’s not to say my slimmer friends won’t also find them very flattering for their shape. Rue 107’s designs make me feel really sassy and confidente (ok, even sassiER and more confident). These items come pre-charged with awesome energy and sultriness. This skirt definitely turned some heads last year in Central Park, not only because of it’s beautiful color and pattern, but because once again it was freezing and there I was, completely underdressed and trying to smile for the camera, and simply failing.

For this part Dos I was lucky to get an exclusive interview with designer Marie-Jean Baptiste, designer, CEO and chick in charge of Rue 107. Check out what she had to say and scroll down to see the pictures! Don’t forget to stop by Rue 107’s site to check out some more sexy pieces!

How did you get started in fashion? I have always had a passion for interesting design, innovative clothes and entrepreneurship.  While studying and practicing to be a nurse, I started moonlighting to gain experience in fashion through apprenticeships in contemporary design, wardrobe styling and costume jewelry design.  Once I gained more experience and realized that I wanted to make a career in fashion, I launched my own independent fashion label, Rue 107.

What’s the inspiration behind your designs?
Rue 107 designs are inspired by a few things, of course.  Among them are bold hues, feminine silhouettes, the dance world and of course joie de vivre!
What fashion advice would you give my readers?
Celebrate your own individual style, and have as much fun possible doing it.  Personal style constantly evolves, so you should try to enjoy each stage to the fullest


Like this Rue 107 blue kodaK skirt? Get it here!

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  2. A

    January 14, 2013 at 8:15 PM

    WOW, beautiful skirt! Like the designer’s use of bright colors w/ her black/whites. Your selection of the background – the fall colors in Central Park – enhances this spread. Enjoying the blog & witnessing the improvements first hand :)

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