Red Lipstick: DO! (maybe)

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I wouldn’t describe myself as shy. Actually, I don’t think anyone would.

I like people to pay attention to me, so I use my clothes (and my loud mouth) to do that.  That’s why I feel very comfortable wearing red lipstick; not red lip gloss, lipstick. The color red is everything but understated. When a woman has red lips she’s sending one clear message:  “I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts” (get it? That’s the Right Said Fred song). Celebrities and celebrity stylist know the power of a red pout. Exhibit A: Christina Aguilera, who doesn’t find her sexy?

Dark lipstick requires a lot more retouching than gloss. Red is a very high-maintenance color. It also tends to fade from the center-out, so it needs to be monitored constantly. It sounds dramatic, but if it were easier more people would wear it.

Having said that, if you don’t like too much attention, or if you rarely take the time to go to the little girl’s room to look at your makeup, then red lipstick is not for you. However, do try it out. See if you like it and if you don’t mind all the retouching. If you find the lipstick to be too much switch to gloss. But be honest with yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it you’re never going to pull it off. Dressing up is all about the attitude.  When you put it on you have to make us believe you’re a sexy vixen who enjoys having all eyes on her.

Keep an eye out for more red lipstick tricks, like what to wear it with, how to choose the right shade and how to keep it from smearing.


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