Red Leopard

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Aminta Red Leopard7.jpgPhotos by Beto Ramos


It looks like New York has decided that it will be spring. We get a little sun now and then, and of course, lots of rain! We shot these pics after a rainy day, while there was still some water on the ground, and a chill in the air. If you notice something different about my legs, is ’cause it wasn’t warm enough yet for bare legs, so I’m rocking some nude tights. I believe that if you’re going to wear tights, they should look like tights. That’s why I always opt for black, opaque, or sheer; but I was sick and tired of so much black! That’s the only color I wore throughout the winter, and I needed a change!

This is a recreation of an outfit I wore during this past Fashion Week. It was freezing in February, so this is the spring version. As I told you before, I’m having a major love affair with red (check out my last outfit post, Red Leather). Although the red leopard in this Charlotte Russe skirt is a very busy pattern, and I don’t recommend big-booty girls like myself to wear busy patterns on the bottom, the black panels on the sides make it a very slimming piece.

Aminta Red Leopard5.jpg

Aminta Red Leopard6

Aminta Red Leopard3.jpg

Aminta Red Leopard4.jpg

Aminta Red Leopard8.jpg

Aminta Red Leopard9.jpg

Aminta Red Leopard11.jpg

Aminta Red Leopard10.jpg

Aminta Red Leopard2Beto was trying out a new camera and didn’t realize he had it set to double exposure- which made for some very interesting photos!

Aminta Red Leopard1

Top: Urban Outfitters

Pencil skirt: c/o Charlotte Russe

Heels (last seen here): c/o Charlotte Russe

Cardigan: Express

Necklace (last seen here): Wholesalers

More Leopard:

Aminta Leopard Pants5The Leopard Pants

Aminta Michael Jackson8.jpgROAR!

Aminta African Queen15.jpgAfrican Queen

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