Project Runway’s Top 5

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Here’s my review of Project Runway’s episode “We’re in a New York State of Mind,” where the top 5 have to prove to the judges they deserve a spot in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Michael C’s statue of liberty-inspired simple dress

This dress said nothing to me. Gretchen mentioned he recreates styles he’s seen before, and I agree. I’ve seen better versions of this dress before. I did like its sexiness—the bare back and the slit were HOT, but I felt the rest of the dress was too simple and too wide. I was surprised to hear the judge’s positive comments, like calling it a “show stopper,” but then again the judges have sided with him when he has made pretty average-looking garments (sue me, but I thought his Episode 4 win was bland to say the least, and again, something I’ve seen before).  I think the producers really wanted Michael to make it to Fashion Week, and he’s there.

Oh, and I’m not even going to comment on the fact he didn’t know what fabric he was working with…pfffff!

Gretchen’s Lower East Side-inspired separates

Her outfit was a perfect example of what I mean by the difference between clothes and fashion.  She said she wanted her outfit “to look like a real girl walking down the street,” and she accomplished that. The outfit looked too normal, bordering on boring. Judge Michael Kors said it best by describing the look as “rock and roll secretarial.” It was great that she was the only designer to make separates, but she could have made fierce separates. Guest judge and former Project Runway winner Christian Siriano said the shirt seemed “off-the-rack, ” but I think he was being nice. The whole look seemed off-the-rack and didn’t really say high fashion.  I don’t know what she was going for with the jacket, it was too short and I have no idea what the dangly part in the middle was.  She did, however, make it to Fashion Week, so I’m looking forward to seeing her collection.

Andy’s Central Park-inspired LBD

I didn’t see Central Park’s inspiration at all, but Andy’s little black dress was one sexy little number. It did have a dominatrix feel to it, but a girl with the right attitude and right shade of red lipstick (j’adore) could definitely rock this look. It’s not for me, but I would love to see someone wearing it on a night out.  Having made it to Fashion Week I’m expecting a really sexy collection from Andy, and I hope he doesn’t let me down!

Mondo’s Brooklyn bridge-inspired Upper East Side lady (that’s an oxymoron, I know).

Nina Garcia said this look was “phenomenal” and I agree. This was my favorite piece. I loved the mix of fabrics and textures. I wasn’t crazy about the triangular piece in the chest, and I thought the hair style took the focus away from the beautifully-made garment, but other than that I’m excited to see what he’s going to bring to the table during Fashion Week.

April’s Brooklyn bridge-inspired pregnant witch

I’m just repeating what Michael Kors said! I though the dress really made a statement, unfortunately, it wasn’t the right one. The asymmetry of the look didn’t quite work for me, but I did appreciate the drama of the flowy fabric and the zipper detail. The judges weren’t too impressed and Heidi told April “Auf Wiedersehen.”

So here we have out top 4: Mondo, Michael C, Gretchen and Andy.  For more Project Runway go here.

Who did you think had the best design?

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