Project Runway Finale. Part 1.

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The designers had to preview two looks from their Fashion Week collection and create a new look. Here’s what they came up with.


Last week the judges were worried Andy was going to show a risqué collection with lots of skin showing. He delivered just that.

Look 1. I liked the ruffles, wasn’t crazy about the hair pieces. The fit in the back was very awkward; as a rule I don’t like butts to be severely parted by a seam.

Look 2. A bikini and a cape. I don’t get why he chose to show something with such a little amount of fabric.

Look 3. New look. This was my favorite look, the color was spot-on.

Final Verdict. Andy was in the bottom two, but he still made it through to Fashion Week. Andy’s weakness is styling.


All of Michael’s looks were the same color, which worried the judges.

Look 1. New Look. Great choice of fabric, but a design I’ve seen before. This look was very elegant yet the high slit made it très sexy.  I liked the beads at the waist and the shoulder strap.

Look 2. Very dramatic with the feathers and the beads, which thought were great—I’m a sucker for bling. Heidi criticized it and said it was “very foxy” and “bedazzled,” but that’s exactly why I liked it! I thought it was very sexy and modern.

Look 3. Pants, yawn. Sequined pants are in for Spring, but not those pants. I get that he was trying to show versatility by making separates, but that look had no “wow” factor. The top had me interested for a few seconds until I saw the fringe, cute but very 2009.

Final Verdict. It was “Auf Wiedersehen” for Michael. I think his collection would have been more appropriate for Fashion Week than Gretchen’s, but at least the judges got some very dramatic scenes at the end.


Once again, Gretchen delivered a show which was, as Michael Kors called it, “too reality-based.” Gretchen sent the models down in the runway in, get this, flat sandals! Nina said the clothes were “perfectly wearable [but] still walking on the runway at Lincoln Center.”  Her looks were too off-the-rack.

Look 1. New Look. The front of the dress was cute, but I hated the back.” Nina asked: “where are the Birkenstocks?”

Look 2. You can see this girl walking down the street in New York City. Look, she even has a purse! Michael Kors said she didn’t look like she was on a fashion show. However, I did like the top and the necklace (which she designed herself, props for that!). The print of the pant reminded me of pajamas.

Look 3. The blazer had potential, but who is going to want to wear those panties out in public?

Final Verdict. Gretchen needs to “polish [her]look and elevate [her] styling for next week’s finale.” Why is such a “whatever” collection going to show at Lincoln Center? I think her spot should have gone to Michael!


Look 1. Black, white and a pop of color are always chic. Mondo designed and printed a purse, which was a little Juicy Couture meets Ed Hardy.

Look 2. New look. I’m seeing a lot of nipples in the runway and red carpets. Why would Mondo send his model down the runway, in this fabric and braless? That being said, I liked the skirt and the contrast of the colors. I didn’t like the sleeves.

Look 3. First thing I thought: “Minnie Mouse.” I liked the print, but big polka dots all over can seem cartoony. Nina Garcia was worried people will interpret the look as a “circus collection.” Heidi, however, thought it was “spectacular” and “very elegant.”

Final Verdict. Though Heidi warned Mondo that “there’s a fine line between fashion and costume” he will be showing is collection in this week’s finale.

I have to say, I’m not too excited about this finale. I think there have been more interesting designers in previous seasons. Gretchen said that in the collection she has “what [she] considers [her] version of a red-carpet dress.” I’m very worried about that.

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Who do you think will win this season of Project Runway?

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