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Aminta Pantene30Photos courtesy of Pantene Pro-V


The Pantene video is not ready yet, but I couldn’t wait to show you the official pictures! Also, as promised, here is my final, honest review of the Overnight Miracle Repair Serum. If you haven’t seen my backstage pics be sure to stop by here and here to check them out! By the way, tomorrow is my birthday and if you’d like to give me a small present stop by and like the Clothes & Fashion Facebook page :)

As I told you before, the serum really did make my hair feel veeeery smooth, making it easier to comb and style. You can see here Gabriel’s wonderful work on my hair: va-va-voom volume and sexy curls. We used tons of hair spray to make it look like this, and my hair looked and felt fabulous, even the day after. However, you know how it is. You go to the salon, you get a great haircut, you get a great sytle, you feel fantastic, you wash your hair and try to recreate it but it’s never the same. Once my head was under the shower I was pretty much on my own: just me and the Overnight Miracle Repair Serum. With wet hair the results were identical, my hair smelled good and it felt soft. I don’t blow dry my hair, but instead I let it air-dry and then I flat iron the top and curl the ends. Styling it was super easy. My hair looked shinier than usual and my curls were very bouncy. I skipped the hair spray because I hate the smell and I rarely wear it. And then came the problem: My hair was so smooth the curls only lasted one hour! :(

Fast forward to day two, I flat ironed the hair around my forehead (if you have curly hair like me you know how it is!) and redid my curls; this time they held beautifully, even without any hair spray. When the hair is too clean it has zero staying power. So next time you’re getting your hair done for a special event don’t wash it the day of; a little hair oil goes a long way.

I love how my hair has been feeling thanks to Pantene, and I’m sure you’re going to see a difference in my photos as well. I’ll say, though, that I’m not using the serum every time I wash my hair, but only once a week, and only when I know I don’t need to have awesome hair the next day. I wore it this weekend, and then I put on a face mask and did my nails while I watched a movie. I had the perfect night in and woke up with shiny, soft and healthy hair.

Thanks again to everyone on the Pantene team. I had a blast with you all!

UPDATE: Video!!



Aminta Pantene1Awesome view from my penthouse suite

Aminta Pantene2

Aminta Pantene3

Aminta Pantene4Day One makeup

Aminta Pantene5

Aminta Pantene6

Aminta Pantene7My room

Aminta Pantene8

Aminta Pantene9

Aminta Pantene10

Aminta Pantene11



Aminta Pantene12When I woke up my hair looked like this
Aminta Pantene13Gabriel Samra stops by to give me a special makeover
Aminta Pantene14
Aminta Pantene15I’m ready for my hair intervention!
Aminta Pantene16Gabriel sprays Heat Protection & Shine Spray
Aminta Pantene18
Aminta Pantene20
Aminta Pantene21
Aminta Pantene22
Aminta Pantene23
Aminta Pantene24I love my hair! Thank you Gabriel and Pantene!

Aminta Pantene25

Aminta Pantene26

Aminta Pantene27

Aminta Pantene28


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  5. Romy

    February 7, 2013 at 12:04 AM

    I loved this! You look amazing and Happy Birthday!! You’re such a star.

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