One Shirt, Three Outfits. Part II.

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Here’s part two of my new installment “one whatever, whatever many outfits.” Click here for part I.


This second outfit is the office outfit, or what I’ve come to call the sexy secretary outfit. With the right additions a plain white t-shirt can be acceptable in an office environment. Take for example this look with a black pencil skirt. I wore the belt to emphasize my waist (for most women, no matter their size, the waist is the thinnest part of their body, believe it or not!) and I wore the necklace to give the t-shirt a more formal look. Adding the necklace was actually the photographer’s idea. I’m glad I keep an open mind when it comes to fashion and style; and so should you! If your office is more formal add a blazer.


What do you think of this work outfit? Would you wear it just like this our would you change something about it?


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Sorry about the first couple of pictures. We were using natural light and a cloud screwed up our shoot.


T-shirt. Marshalls.

Skirt. Betsey Johnson. Another awesome present from my awesome friend Marianna! (see look I)

Necklace. From JC Penney (I fooled you there, didn’t I? Looks expensive!)

Bracelet. Body Central.

Shoes. Fergalicious by Fergie.

Belt. Bought in Venezuela.

Glasses. My own! I’m short sighted and I don’t have contacts. I read Harry Potter and I’m a nerd!


Photography by Mariana Torrealba.

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