One shirt, three outfits. Part I.

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I’m starting a new installment called: One whatever, whatever many outfits. Indulge me.

The item I’m featuring today is a $6.99 cotton/spandex t-shirt I got at Marshalls. This is a perfect basic! You’ve seen this before here, here and here.


Look 1. Chill outfit.

It’s summer and it’s hot. Enough said.


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Denim shirt. Miley Cyrus for Walmart. I snatched this one off a clearance rack, $3!

Shorts. Salvaje, that’s “wild” in Spanish. From Venezuela.

Sandals. Alfani, available at Macy’s.

Headband. Jennyfer, a cute store in France.

Necklace. I cannot remember, for the life of me.

Bracelet. Juicy Couture.

Belt. MOA, France.

Earrings. A present from my friend Marianna. See another one of her presents here.

Photography by Mariana Torrealba.





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