On Prom Dresses.

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Aminta: I’d like to point out that this is a historical event, for I had never before done this. My good friend, journalist Andrew DeLong, has agreed to guest blog! We decided our first collaboration would be on a current event happening across the U.S………… Prom! Andrew spent the afternoon with me looking at dresses for a hypothetical prom. I was just playing dress up!

Without further ado, give it up for Andrew! Click on the pictures for more! Oh, and by the way, I edited some of his fashion terms, he normally doesn’t sound like Tim Gunn.

Dresses of varying lengths and designs take center stage at the most important dance of the year—prom.
During a recent trip to International Plaza, we decided to check out the selection of prom dresses. We found an extensive assortment at Dillard’s.

Giving back is always in fashion.

When you’re done with your dress, donate it to an organization like Becca’s Closet. Your generosity will help a girl less fortunate attend her prom looking like a million bucks.

— Andrew DeLong, with assistance from Aminta Iriarte.

All photography by Andrew DeLong.