New York is the Thing That Formed Me.

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What happens when you go out to dinner with two photographers? They don’t bring their cameras, of course. They still insist, however, in taking pictures with their phones. Behold the results! The pictures on the stairs are on the Grand St. station in Chinatown. The train pictures are on the Uptown D. 

This is the second of a series of NYC-inspired photos. See the first one here. Many thanks to José and Beto for a great dinner and for the cool pictures!

“New York is the thing that seduced me.
New York is the thing that formed me.
New York is the thing that deformed me.
New York is the thing that perverted me.
New York is the thing that converted me.
…and New York is the thing I love too.
Yeah, that’s my little prayer for New York.”
– Patty Smith 
Top, Ali & Kris. Jeans, Zanadi. Wedges, Liliana, available at Necklace, wholesaler. Lace bra, H&M.


Qué pasa cuando vas a cenar con dos fotógrafos? No llevan sus cámaras, claro. Igual insisten en tomar fotos con sus celulares. Miren los resultados! Las fotos en las escaleras son en la estación de tren de la calle Grand, en Chinatown. Las fotos en el tren son en el metro D vía Uptown (norte).

Esta es la segunda de una serie de fotos inspiradas por NYC. Vean la primera aquí. Mil gracias a José y Beto por la cena y las fotos tan chéveres (padres)!

Camisa, Ali & Kris. Jeans, Zanadi. Zapatos, Liliana en Collar, mayorista. Sujetador, H&M.


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