New York is the Thing that Deformed Me.

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Photo by Beto Ramos


As you know from this post, I got my makeup done last Thursday by the people of Burberry at Saks Fifth Avenue. We got there early and while we waited we shot these pictures right outside of Saks. In the first few pics I’m wearing absolutely no makeup *gasp.*  I’m glad we didn’t wait until after I had my face done because it started raining! The weather in New York has just been madness. Madness, I tell you.

I was inspired by the Burberry woman when I chose to wear this look. I  wanted a neutral palette and, of course, a jacket. I should take a moment to thank my roommie for lending me this jewel. When I asked her about it she said via SMS: “I’m pretty sure you won’t like it. But you can totes borrow it. It’s not feminine.” To which I replied: “That’s what I want! Not feminine. I knew you’d be the first to consult, lols.”

This is another one of my New York City-inspired pictures. I’m very lucky to live in the greatest movie/photo set in the world.  See the the other ones here and here! The titles of the posts are inspired by Patty Smith’s poem about New York:

“New York is the thing that seduced me.
New York is the thing that formed me.
New York is the thing that deformed me.
New York is the thing that perverted me.
New York is the thing that converted me.
…and New York is the thing I love too.
Yeah, that’s my little prayer for New York.”



Give me a chance to dance and I’m going to take it!


Dress: H&M. Jacket, Empire, available at Zumiez. Shoes, Bamboo at Necessary Clothing. Purse, Marc Ecko at Macy’s. Necklace, Forever 21. Glasses, Aldo. Right hand: Bracelets, presents from I-don’t-know-who. Left hand: Bracelet, Alexis Bittar. Watch, Gazzaz.


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  12. Malena

    July 23, 2012 at 8:52 PM

    Bellas fotos, bello el vestido y bellos los de la vidriera tambien. Felicidades a Beto, excelentes fotos

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