Never Before Seen. Part 2

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Aminta Bloopers-X3


I’m a girl (woman?) of my word.  Two days ago I told you I would have some new never before seen pics of the looks from later in the year and here they are! Be sure to see the ones from the first half of the year here. What do you think of the blog’s evolution?


We had to walk a half hour to get to the Verrazano bridge, so I wore my comfy boots
Aminta Bloopers10Playing Around
Beto wanted me to slide down the pole in my heels. This was my reaction Aminta Bloopers9Chill
Aminta Bloopers8Hipsterville
Aminta Bloopers7Charlotte Russe + StyleSays!
Aminta Bloopers2Konichiwa!
Aminta Bloopers3The Red Coat
Aminta Bloopers4Dancing with my Shadow
Aminta Bloopers5I’m Not Naked- I’m Wearing Peacock
Aminta Bloopers6


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