Never Before Seen 2014. Part I

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Where did 2014 go? I felt like it went by pretty fast, but as I was looking at older pictures for this post, I kept thinking: that was this year? Feels like 2012! As it’s customary, below are some bloopers and never-before-seen pictures of my outfit shots and more. Click on the caption to check out the whole post. This year we had some amazing photos, from the lens of the always awesome Beto and Josorio, without whom this blog would be nothing but words and blah blah blah.

Come back tomorrow for part deux!

NeverBeforeSeen20Cry me a river. If you were sitting on freezing cold water, you would also be giving people the finger
NeverBeforeSeen19Noka Posh. I bet you don’t know anybody who drives one of these in heels and a little dress
NeverBeforeSeen18Red Leather. Pointing a finger
NeverBeforeSeen17The Leopard Jacket. I have no idea what I’m doing here, or why
NeverBeforeSeen16Red Leopard. I should be a pinup girl
NeverBeforeSeen15The Leather Shorts. Flying with home-made wings
NeverBeforeSeen14Shoe Porn- Patent Platforms. My living room, my studio
NeverBeforeSeen13Shoe Porn- Red Heels. Don’t you dare look at my panties!NeverBeforeSeen12A Blue Outfit. So Cheeky!NeverBeforeSeen11The Black Feather Dress. Let me put on my earrings real quick, ’cause I’m cold! when faces with bees, I’m a professional who always gets the job done

More Never Before Seen Pics!

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