Never Before Seen- 2013. Part II

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AmintaNever Before Seen1.jpgRude!


Only two more days until a brand new year! Let’s recap the best and the worst of this 2013, in the form of blooper photos from outfit posts. Click on the pics or the link below to see the whole look, and  don’t forget to check out Part Uno!

Aminta never before seen12.jpgThese glasses are amazeballs!

Aminta Never Before Seen9.jpgNinja!

Aminta Never Before Seen8.jpgBaby, it’s cold outside…

Aminta Never before seen11.jpgI don’t have a caption for this….

Aminta Never Before Seen7.jpgChilling and getting some energy before a shoot

Aminta never before seen10.jpgWasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?
Aminta Never Before Seen6.jpgCheeky!
Aminta Never Before Seen2.jpgTwerk team, Venezuela!
Aminta Never Before Seen5.jpgOh hiiiiiiii! Welcome to my room!
Aminta Never Before Seen4.jpgPracticing for the locas parade
Aminta Never Before Seen3.jpgThat’s is for 2013!


Aminta Never Before Seen4.jpgNever Before Seen- 2013. Part I.

Fashion Blogger BloopersFashion Blogger Bloopers

Aminta Bloopers8Never Before Seen- 2012. Part II


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