My Hot Granny Dress.

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Me in the dress


I just bought a to-die-for dress which caused my younger brother to burst into laughter: a long-sleeve, ruched shoulder flower-pattern dress. Oh, and it looked like it had shoulder pads. Three years ago I would have laughed at the idea of volume around the shoulders, but today I think shoulder pads are HOT! For the most part, my girl friends liked the dress, but the guys…not so much.  Do they even know what ruching means?

I saw the dress from across the room at Forever 21. I tried it on just for fun; I didn’t think I would like the long-sleeves. The moment I had it on I loved it, yet I knew it was too fashion-forward for Florida.  I snapped a picture with my Blackberry and sent it to the people I trust the most: my BFF and fashion lover, Lara, and my mom. Right away they told me it was great! But I needed a male point of view. None of the guys were crazy about the shoulders, or the print. One of them even told me I looked like an old lady, but that he would still check me out; talk about mixed messages! I left the store that day with a simpler black dress, but I couldn’t get the flowery frock out of my mind. I went back a week later to buy it. Screw the boys!

For the untrained eye the dress is quite retro. Yes, it’s reminiscent of the 80s, but the ruching in the sleeves, the print and the length make it modern. I haven’t worn it yet; haven’t had the occasion, or the guts! I’m thinking about wearing it for New Year’s, but my family + alcohol + almost shoulder pads = lots of teasing.

P.S. My favorite thing about the dress? The price! Only $14.80. So, even if I never wear it (please God, give me strength) the loss won’t be so bad.


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  1. Pedro

    December 22, 2010 at 6:49 PM

    Yes please wear it on New years! plz!! lol Now you say shoulder pads are hot?! I am the very very untrained eye then…….

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