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Aminta Picstitch2The Red Shoes with Picstitch


As you know, I’m new-ish to the Ifamily. I had a Blackberry for many many years, and loved it (for the most part) but it was definitely holding me back from being the best blogger I could be. It’s true. I had an Itouch so whenever I snapped a picture with my Blackberry, which had a much better camera, I would send it to my email, then I had to go somewhere with wifi, download the picture and then post it. Such a waste of time. It was time to make the switch. I miss my Blackberry sometimes;  it used to get better reception, the battery life was amazing and the BB Messenger was the easiest way to procrastinate. However, I’m not embarrassed to pull my phone out during meetings anymore. Blackberries will do that to you.

The best part about the Iphone is definitely the apps. Since I work with photos day in and day out, photo apps are my fave. Especially since I like to instagram (@amintair). Below you’ll find the free apps I have been using since my Itouch days. Since getting my Iphone I’ve downloaded more but somehow I always keep going back to the same ones. I’m a creature of habit, I suppose. Let me know  if you download any of these and/or if you have any recommendations for other photo apps! :)


Aminta PicstitchFemme Fatale

Pic Stitch. Great for collages! Only thing I don’t like is that you always have the white borders, so if you want to instagram later it might look a little odd.

Aminta DECOPICHipsterville

DECOPIC. Adorable, Japanese app that lets you add fun stamps, like the sunnies above (or stickers, I call them stickers). It also lets you choose whether you want you picture squared (perfect for instagram) or full size. Sometimes it crashes for no reason, I just upgraded and everything takes real long to load. I can’t part with it simply ’cause everything about this is so ridiculous and I love it!

Aminta PS ExpressRed Converse

PS Express. Photoshop Express. A little more advanced than your everyday photo app. Honestly, I only use it because it has TONS of effects and beautiful borders. Nothing silly like DECOPIC’s. The best part is that you can actually choose how much (or how little) of an effect you want, and you also get to pick the color of your borders.

Aminta PhotoWonder…and New York is the thing I love too.

PhotoWonder. This is another app that lets you add stickers (here they call them “Decoration”). This is probably my favorite photo app, but I swear, before today I had never used any of the decorations;  I figured now is the time to try something new!

Aminta Xn View PhotoVerrazano Flowers

XnView Photo FX. This photo app has very quirky effect. However, since the point of my pictures is to show you my outfit I don’t use those as much and rely in the vintage filters and occasionally play with colors. But hey, you may like the other effects!

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  1. Corleen

    January 19, 2013 at 5:00 PM

    I didn’t know about photoshop express. I’ll have to check it out! The other app I use is Camera+. It has some cool features to use when taking photos such as being able to autofocus and get rid of some of the glare from windows and mirrors.

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