My 2014 Fashion Resolutions

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Amazeballs nacklace

1. For every pair of heels I buy, I will buy two pairs of flats. Sure, buying high heels is a lot more fun, but flats are simply necessary. I need more, like this pair I wore to Fashion Week. 

Aminta Russian5

2. I will take things to the tailor. If you buy an ill-fitting $10k dress, it will look like a $10 dress. This dress could use a tailor. 

Aminta Glitter Dress Streetstyle-3

3. I will not dress to please women, I will not dress to please men, I will dress to please myself. If I want to wear sequins during the day, then I will! 

Aminta Louboutin Ferragamo15

4. I will buy a black bra that actually fits. I’ve had my trusty black bra for years; is that gross? Is one cup size too big. It makes my girls look amazing, but I don’t want to fool anyone any more!

Aminta Zha-Zha1

5. I will stop wearing black. Seriously- boring!

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