Makeup Tips From a Pros!

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Good clothes make looking good easy, but no look is complete without makeup. Lucky me, I was given the opportunity to intern with the Montague Artistry Group at the Fabulously Unique Natural Hair Affair, where the M.A. group did the makeup of almost 20 girls! I met the ladies of the M.A. group at 5 a.m. in South Tampa, and managed to interview M.A.G’s founder and fearless leader, Athena Montague, before the backstage chaos of the day began. Read on for her tips!

On translucent powder. It turns out there are many things you can do with translucent powder. For example, to hide a blemish Athena recommends patting foundation on the trouble area(s) and then going over them with the powder. Afterwards put foundation over your whole face followed by translucent powder, again all over the face. “That helps with nice, clean coverage,” Athena said. The powder also helps absorb oil, which keeps the face from looking too shiny.

On makeup brushes. “They don’t have to be expensive brushes,” Athena said. “If you can afford them that’s great, but I like using the Eco Tools [brushes], which I found at Target.” Athena only uses brushes with synthetic bristles which are “good for shadow since they pack on the powder.”

On lipstick. To keep lipstick from smudging Athena likes to use a lip stain because “you don’t have to worry about touch ups or anything.” She likes Covergirl’s Outlast Lipstain. If you prefer lipstick (hear, hear) you can keep it from smearing by putting foundation around the lips and sealing it with a little bit of, yup, you guessed it—translucent powder.

On getting inspiration. Athena likes going on YouTube for makeup ideas, looking at magazines and going online. Just like in fashion, makeup trends are constantly changing –I wore sky-blue lipstick in the 90s; so Athena makes sure she’s constantly learning.  You should too! Put down the glitter.

Check out some of Athena’s work below. If you want to see more check out her site here!

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