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Hey everyone! Sorry I was MIA this past week. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know I was at a fashion and beauty blogger’s conference by Times Square. LuckyFABB is a two-day conference hosted by Lucky Magazine. I had attended the Independent Fashion Blogger’s conference before (you can see my pictures here and here), but this was my first time at LuckyFABB. During the two days I got to mingle with some amazing fashion bloggers from all over the U.S., and even a handful of internationals. I got to listen to some very inspiring panels, and even got a chance to see and hear Eva Mendes and Kate Bosworth talk style.

I got to know tons of brands and got lots of goodies. I mean, an insane amount of goodies! I can’t wait to style and review them and tell you all about it. I cannot wait for the next LuckyFABB- it was such an amazing experience this first time around! I didn’t get a chance to make street style pics of other bloggers. I felt like in between panels and networking I had very little time to even pull out my camera. I did, however, manage to get some outfit shots, thanks to Alex of Glory Boon. Click to find out more about my looks!


Aminta LuckyFABB


LuckyFABB Day 1. I was so excited for my very first day of LuckyFABB. I wanted to be at the Times Center by 8:30 a.m., so I set my alarm for 5, to do my hair and makeup without having to rush. Of course, I was so excited I couldn’t sleep until about 2 a.m. I woke up really rested. I yawned, stretched and though: “Such a beautiful day, the sun is shining…” then added, “wait- why is the sun shining?” I looked at my clock and it was 7:30 a.m.! Ever since I upgraded my Iphone to the new i.O.S. the alarm sometimes goes off- but without sound. I jumped out of bed and did my hair and makeup as best I could. I was still one hour late to the conference.

For my outfit I wanted to go for a monochromatic look. I went with pink, frankly because I didn’t have anything else, haha. I wanted to try something new, so I paired my trusty Nature Breeze platform sandals with these fruity socks by Ozone for a more season-appropriate look. I got lots of compliments on the socks. You shouldn’t be afraid of trying sandals and hosiery together- I think they make for an interesting look, don’t you agree?

Sweater. H&M

Skirt. Macy’s

Socks. Ozone

Shoes (last seen here). Nature Breeze

Collar. JCPenney

Aminta LuckyFABB


Lucky FABB Day 2. I set two alarms for Day 2 and they both went off at the same time- the day was off to a good start. We had may break out sessions on different topics. I really wish these conferences were only one day- seriously, there’s absolutely no need for two days! I thought the same thing of IFBcon. I was ready to bounce by lunchtime, but decided to stick around ’till the end, even though I would have killed for a brownie mid-afternoon.

My legs were freezing on Day 1, so I avoided this problem by rocking these gorgeous pants I recently got from Marshalls. This look is a bit more punk than what I usually wear, but I’m always happy to step out of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to fashion.

Faux fur coat (last seen here). Guess, Macy’s

Velvet crop top. Urban Outfitters

Pants. Marshalls

Booties (last seen here). Chinese Laundry

Which was your favorite look?

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