Love. Love. Love. Love.

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Aminta Love4.jpgPhotos by Beto Ramos


I’ve got lots of love to give. I’m a hopeless romantic. Always was. Always will be. I told you once that love stories suck, then I told you to love yourself before you love someone else, and now I’m just showing you a skirt that’s full of love, literally.

Here’s five random things I love:

1. Sundays in bed, especially in the wintertime.

2. Reading all your comments and messages <3

3. A great sale.

4. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

5. These super comfy Chinese Laundry booties. Which you’ve only seen about one thousand times.

Aminta Love1.jpg

Aminta Love2.jpgStop, in the name of love!

Aminta Love5.jpg

Aminta Love6.jpg

Aminta Love 8.jpgDo you change your case as often as you change your outfit? I do! This one’s from iHome

Aminta Love7.jpg

Turtleneck.  one step up

Skirt. do & be, JCPenney

Booties (last seen here). Chinese Laundry

Ring. JCPenney

Bangles. Vintage, my mom’s

Necklaces. Spikes, wholesalers. Chains (last seen here), pay/half


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