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Aminta Red Dress1 CMFoto

September is Hispanic Heritage month, and if I had to pick one item in my closet which describes what being Latina is, it would be this little red dress. Being Latina is about being passionate- not only in your love life, but in everything you do. To me, being Latina is about walking with my head held high, knowing how much I’m worth, and letting everybody know that I mean business. Being Latina means I’m proud of where I came from, proud of the food I eat, and proud of the body my Latino heritage has given me. This is why we Latinas favor skin-tight clothes, over the looser, more minimalistic fashions. We’re not shy! We’re full of passion and we’re not afraid to show it.

I’ve talked about the psychology of color before. Red is a color that portrays confidence and power. It’s an eye-catching color, and when you wear it, even if is just on your lips, people will stare. El rojo can be a very intimidating hue, but is the color I like to wear when I need to feel instantly confident. I wore this red dress for the first time at the very first Fun Fearless Female Awards with Cosmo for Latinas. Among all those fantastic and inspiring women, I needed a dress that would make me feel strong and proud. And to this day, I still think that evening was one of the most fruitful times of my career; because you can’t properly network unless you’re feeling confident about yourself, your skills, and your outfit.

I’m very proud of being Latina. We’re very hard-working and we have come a long way- but there’s still a lots of grounds to cover. What does being Latina mean to you?

Aminta Red Dress3

Aminta Red Dress6

Aminta Red Dress4

Aminta Red Dress5

Aminta Red Dress7

Aminta Red Dress2

 I’m wearing: 

Red dress: Guess, at Macy’s

Shoes (last seen here): Steve Madden

More red!

Aminta Red Leopard12.jpgRed Leopard

Aminta Red Leather4.jpgRed Leather

Aminta Red Heels3.jpgRed Heels

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